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  • Superb and easy to use DLNA software. Set it up in just a couple of minutes. I use it to stream films to my LG BD player which acts as a decoder for my LG non-Smart TV

  • I'm still trying to create a WebInterface (just for viewing the data) Project available under: "minidlna-web" on Sourceforge Best regards PP

  • very good project, thanks!

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  • Minidlna is excellent! Thanks.

  • Great software, thank you.

  • Minidlna is perfect! Thanks.

  • Stupidly simple, easy and very effective for my needs. If I can set it up in minutes, anyone can! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  • Very useful. Thanks.

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  • I wanted a UPnP media server to stream music to a Naim ND5XS and tried out several UPnP media servers running on Ubuntu Linux. Overall I tried XBMC, Serviio, and PS3 Media Server and MiniDLNA. The only one that was really satisfactory for me was MiniDLNA. Advantages: - Works reliably with my Naim ND5XS and Naim n-Stream. - Good music browsing. - Easy to install and fully integrated with Ubuntu. - Easy to configure. - Relatively simple - it just works (more complex alternatives have more to go wrong)

  • Thanks for Minidlna, it's excellent!

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  • I searched for a reliable DLNA server with a small memory footprint to run on my NAS (with only 256 MB memory) mainly to serve my video collection. This program fits my requirements nicely. It is much faster and more reliable than the Java-based media server, I used before, especially for large directories. And once you find out how to write nfo files, you can even make the video collection look nice. On the downside, the automatic synchronisation does not work perfectly; it does not rescan nfo-files if they are added later or changed, you have to touch the video file. If you change many files at once the synchronisation may miss some files. Album arts for video directories (e.g. for TV series) do not work (this maybe a problem of my TV or of DLNA in general). And sometimes my TV repeatedly crashes when I enter a specific directory, but this could also be a bug in my TV. In that case it may help to copy the files in a new directory and remove the old one. If you look for a small and fast DLNA server, then, in my opinion, minidlna is the best choice.

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  • My mom needed a media server to host her music from so she could listen to it on her PlayStation 3 without having to put it on the PS3 or leave her Windows 7 laptop running. I grabbed an older laptop, stuck Slackware on it, and (using a SlackBuild) compiled/installed MiniDLNA. Works like a charm! Once I threw in Samba (so she can use her laptop to add/remove music files), she was all set and good to go. Made for quite the Mothers' Day present.

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  • You did a great job! Very small footprint server. It did run out of the box. I had to setup my pictures/mp3 and video folders - that's it! I display all my media from my computer on my TV set. Very handy tool. best -tswaehn

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  • Very good Software.

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  • I like the minidlna plugin on my vu+ uno sat reciever. It streams almost everything and the best, my LG55 LM960v is able to jump forward and backwards in mkv movies. One week ago, I installed the sourceforge minidlna on my debian squeeze server to have another storage place for my mkv's but this minidlna doesn't support jumping for/rev in mkv movies ? I tried different versions from 1.0.20 to 1.0.25 without success. Where are the differences between enigma minidlna plugin and sourceforge minidlna ? OK, different architecture but one supports jumping for/rev in mkv's, the other not :-( Is this a bug ore an unwanted feature ? Is it possible to get a fix for this elemental function. If I cannot jump for/rev in mkv movies to different positions, minidlna is useless for me. It would be great when anyone can help. thanks in advance regards, Frank

  • Using a port of this on a Drobo FS and it works great. Much better than the other packages I've tried (mediatomb, fuppes). Highly recommend it.

  • Very nice application. Used on Ubuntu Server. Works fine. Just one wish: resizing of cover art should be disabled!

  • MiniDLNA is just the thing i've searched for, small easy to use. Perfect for my 'reworked' terminal client hardware based media server.

  • Compiles and installs without any issues on Raspberry Pi - very impressive!! Haven't checked how many clients/workload it can support but stream video to an LG620 Blu-Ray client very nicely!

  • Great application that serves all our media content to various DLNA clients (Android via Bubble UPnP, IPDio Internet Radio, Samsung Smart TV). Once set up we never needed to touch it again. Brilliant!

  • minidlna is a fantastic program! It works great on my DD-WRT router. Allows me to run DLNA without leaving a power hungry computer on all day. I am extremely interested in seeing the cover art no-resize patch merged. I use minidlna with BubbleUPnP. The cover art is tiny and looks terrible when BubbleUPnP scales it. I know it's against DLNA standards, but could there be an option to set the resize, or choose a different size?

  • Very wonderful , great dlna server. I am using 12.04/12.10 ubuntu with japanese. Totem and rhthmbox can see dlna server with grilo. also vlc , banshee, xmbc, iOS6 can play. thank you.

  • must have project. minidlna is great.

  • Been looking for a good DLNA tool for my Raspberry Pi. This has satisfied all my requirements, including streaming to my Samsung TV.

  • Installed miniDLNA on my virtual Debian server about 6 months ago. It has been working n the background without any hitch with minimal configuration. My Samsung TV (UN32EH5300G) works perfectly, as VLC (Ubuntu, Windows) and gmusicbrowser (Xubuntu). Highly recommended if you want a set and go server.

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