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  • SourceForge blocks mingw-get if running from a Windows XP environment. So from this OS is unusable.

  • It won't download files from installer! Fails at downloading and I've tried over 5 possible solutions, hardest thing to install I've ever seen!

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  • الوووو

  • The installer is so bad I can't be sure it even installed everything correctly. It definitely did not remove the program.

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  • The installer is the most unusable piece of junk I've ever seen!

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  • Can NOT DL full Package as File(s) but need to DL via any obscure Getter-Tool! UNSERIOUS! (Ni Matter if Billions of Users are satisfied) Failed by Approach! What is your Problem to provide Images like Debian? Survey for Rating forced me to rate for Review ... took therefore 'Default'. Hint: Better make Rating optional!

  • Best editor. Very useful. Thanks a lot!

  • Installation for Windows sucks so much! I cant believe that it can be so frustrating!

  • Once was a great environment, faster than cygwin, integrated better with windows. Now has moved to a clicky installer that has been fundamentally broken for YEARS now, and without it now even harder to install than gnuwin32. And since it hasn't been updated since April, I must assume it's been effectively abandoned. Avoid. Absolutely avoid.

  • I tried to compile the sample code available below but it failed. C:\>g++ IcmpSendEcho2.cpp IcmpSendEcho2.cpp:3:21: fatal error: icmpapi.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

  • Unusable! The Download MinGW link fetches "x86-mingw32-build-1.0-sh.tar.bz2", which contains some Unix scripts. According to the README a compiler and tools need to already be installed. Catch-22. I downloaded "GCC for Windows" because I don't have a compiler. Give us a proper installation program!

  • Web install is so wrong.. Classical installer was working fine.. web installer won't work in most business environnement because of firewall-proxies.

  • The 64 bit stuff has not been functional for me for quite some time. It used to be easy to install and use it, but now I just get errors. Perhaps it is the 64 bit Windows server 2008 environment or something else, but I am no longer able to use it for anything useful. Too bad, I used to really like it.

  • i cant get this thing installed correctly. dont know if its

  • No doubt the Fortran compiler in this system is good, but there seems to be a complete lack of any documentation at all (in spite of searching for it from some time), so it is impossible to find out how it operates. This all has a quaintly 1980's retro feel about it ... perhaps this system needs a little updating.

  • I'm just looking to learn to C and write network programs to learn. I was referred to MinGW for its ease. This site was inviting but the download is all over the place, theres several kinds of downloads all over each other. MinGW as a whole is all in pieces, and the autoinstaller is terrible it didn't do squat. A bunch of errors during update from sync repositories. To be honest i dont know what im doing... and this site/program are of no help.

  • The project is now unusable. Impossible to install ! I had to switch back to cygwin for some project, but it not a solution. Please Make It Simple !

  • MSYS was a really a great tool before mingw-get.exe^^ ISA firewall-proxy (with authentication) aren't handled... i do have the ip of the firewall-proxy set in 'internet options'. i can use internet explorer on sourceforge (my proxy then prompts for my login/password to access internet resources) but mingw-get isn't prompting for those credentials:( As far as i know, for "Basic authentication", such ISA firewall-proxy requires to encode the following string in base64: NTLMdomain\\login:password and set the property "Proxy-Authorization" in the header of the HTTP request with that ntlm-credential base64-encoded.

  • mingw-get-inst-20101030.exe can't work

  • The software itself is great, but its installer is a BIG let down. Why did these guys not offer a unified single installer download? The get-inst breaks often, one has no idea whether this install is 5MB or 500MB, there are no progress indications of any kind. I am already at it for at least 3 hours on a 512k line and still not sure how long it will take, or complete at all.

  • The previous version (5.1.6) had a relatively clean Windows installer interface, but the new version is completely different and totally opaque. I had a working installation and all I wanted to do was add gdb, but now I have this nightmare of 1990s style command line downloads and builds with no coherent documentation and no support. What gives here?

  • Used to be quite useful for creating a build enviroment on windows. Has now become intensly user hostile, due to a sudden change in project management. The new structure has split things up into a package managed system. However, they have not actually got a working package manager yet. Rather than maintain their old install path, they insist on asking the user to manually download the many different files, to unpack and install them by hand. Including running their install scripts when needed. They also have poorly updated documentation and support to get you through what's needed.

  • I really want to see this project succeed however how it is currently run at the moment I doubt it will. There should be a download link on the front page so you know exactly what you need to download. As of this time you go to the getting started page and it recommends you manually download everything however the "MinGW Download Page" under manual downloads is empty. Awesome! If the new automated installer does yet work then the old one should not be considered deprecated. I don't see how they think people will use their project if you have to manually download many different files. The code is stored in an out dated CVS format. It's 2010, we have much better tools already... All discussion is done on mailing lists rather then on forums which would be ok if source forge's mailing list interface wasn't so bad awful. This obviously prevents people from getting involved and I've seen others complain about this too. There seems to be a movement to creating yet another package manager rather then just porting over something that already exists such as dpkg. Most of the discussion I've read on the list seems to be bickering over styles and formatting guidelines. Since this new package manager already has people working on it there doesn't seem to be an easy way to get involved at all. It has very little documented about it on the site. All in all this project really needs to get a lot more professional about how it handles things. Better documentation, better communication, easy steps on downloading and using the binaries. If these aren't done it's going to continue being irrelevant until something like Microsoft's CoApp completely kill the project.

  • This project is a joke. Downloading and setting up 100 individual packages is hell. The automated installer and mingw-get only work with a VERY! dated release. Do NOT download!

  • Almost impossible to determine what to download and prepare for a non-internet-enabled Win32 client. The forum appears to be private so no help is available there (although the questions I need to answer have been asked there), and the only support mechanism is a mailing list!, when it hasn't been DNS hijacked, keeps returning php connection errors. Possibly the worst SourceForge project I've ever had to try to decode, and the first I've given up on completely.

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