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A bug fix release of 1.8.5. === milter-core ==== Improvements * [core][event-loop] Add an API to customize event loop on your own. ==== Fixes * [core][event-loop] Fix to work broken libev backend with Ruby 1.9. === milter manager ==== Improvements * Add max-pending-finished-sessions as configuration option. If the number of current pending finished sessions is larger than 'max-pending-finished-sessions', the current pending finished sessions are freed immediately. === milter-client ==== Improvements * Add --max-pending-finished-sessions command line option. === Ruby milter ==== Improvements * Add an API to customize event loop on your own from Ruby. * Support manager.max_pending_finished_sessions. * Add API to reset when transaction is finished. Use this API to avoid not to share instance information for each transaction unexpectedly. === Document ==== Improvements * Add documentation about manager.max_pending_finished_sessions * Add API to reset transaction. ==== Fixes * Fix the default value of manager.maitenance_interval which is not correct.
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