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  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best.Good,good,good.+1

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  • Thanks for Megui, it's good!

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  • It works very well! Very Useful tool. I use this everyday.

  • Very good converter. Easy to use, fast etc

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  • Great - fast, free, easy-to-use converter! Download it and see for yourself.

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  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • No contener AVI, M2TS ? no update possible? Help me, thank.

  • very good project, thanks!

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Absolutely brilliant, resulting files are ultra high quality and yet effective.

  • Excellent

  • This app is easy to use and install. Take advantage of its benefits now guys.

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  • I just love this program and use it for years now. Never had any problems with it. Highly recommended!

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  • Excellent, capable of everything I could think of.

  • A versatile and user-friendly GUI for a brilliant set of tools. Even if you prefer other software for the encoding itself, there is likely a tool in this software that you'll still find useful.

  • Este es mi programa favorito de codificación. Libre, puede manejar las operaciones de edición más básicas a través de cortador AVS y filtros, configuración del perfil rico, y lo mejor de todo, nos permite utilizar mejor los codecs MPEG4: x264 AAC y Nerón. Por supuesto, Nero AAC puede no ser la mejor tapa, pero es uno de los mejores y probablemente mucho mejor de lo que FAAC, al menos en lo que a pruebas de escucha han determinado. Además, dado que este programa es básicamente una interfaz para varios otros instrumentos, que se construye de tal manera que usted puede actualizar cada una de esas herramientas de forma manual, incluso si el servidor de actualizaciones se queda atrás. Así que me parece que este es un instrumento muy flexible y útil y el mejor codificador libre por ahí

  • This is becoming the de-facto tool for outstanding control and efficiency. Great update engine and preset collection.

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  • Everything you need for advanced encoding, Xvid or h.264. Lot's of tools and automation implemented.

  • Like it! Great software, simple and easy to install. Thanks!

  • megui is great project. thank you friends.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Thumbs up!!!

  • This is my favorite encoding program. Free, can handle most basic editing operations through AVS cutter and filters, rich profile configuration, and best of all, allows us to use the best MPEG4 codecs: x264 and Nero AAC. Granted, Nero AAC might not be the top best, but is one of the best and probably a lot better than FAAC, at least as far as listening tests have determined. Also, since this program is basically a frontend for various other tools, it is build in such a way that you can update each of those tools manually even if the update server lags behind. So I find this to be a highly flexible and useful tool and the best free encoder out there.

  • I used to love this. Really awkward to use, too many idiotic choices to make all the time but it worked so the effort was worth it in the end. It was brilliant for converting stuff and putting forced stream subtitles burnt into the resulting MVK file. but no more. Oh it can do subtitles fine (up until 2 months ago at least) as long as you do not try to add them in the avsynth script yourself, otherwise you'll get an error and screw up your efforts. No, now you have to add them in the search box and it is impossible to burn them, now all you can do is to select them as default, selecting as forced by the way will not work either. You used to be able to see a preview of the subs, the preview will not even show ordinary subtitles any more so you have to hope they are there when you do the conversion - and this is adding them the way the programme wants you to! It used to work fine, then I updated it months ago and never knew of the cock-up they made of it until yesterday when I tried hard encoding. Now it adds the VobSub line but forget it, it will not work. I need an alternative that won't be be screwed up by idiots changing software that worked fine before. I made screenshots the last time I did the hard encoding, in case I wanted to do it again. The VobSub line was between the Spline64 and Denoise lines - worked great. Put it there now and CRASH! Now the screenshot shows a completely new thing, never there before, fucks it all up - VSFilter.dll with the VobSub line slammed in by the software after that. This does not work people so please - keep away from this thing if you want to hard encode. In fact. I hope this mess has stopped at least one person downloading it, if so then I have saved you a shed load of crap in the future. So, if you want to convert stuff without subtitles - it is fine. If you want to convert stuff and have the normal subtitles as a selectable option during playback - it was fine (two months ago). If you want to add subtitles and hard encode them, edited idx files or not - forget it. It no longer does this job. I restored my PC back to an earlier time with Acronis, it did not work, my regret is that I did not keep an image that was a year old so now I can never do want I used to do. Thanks developers for screwing this up.

  • megui works perfectly.

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