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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Absolutely brilliant, resulting files are ultra high quality and yet effective.

  • Excellent

  • This app is easy to use and install. Take advantage of its benefits now guys.

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  • I just love this program and use it for years now. Never had any problems with it. Highly recommended!

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  • Excellent, capable of everything I could think of.

  • A versatile and user-friendly GUI for a brilliant set of tools. Even if you prefer other software for the encoding itself, there is likely a tool in this software that you'll still find useful.

  • This is becoming the de-facto tool for outstanding control and efficiency. Great update engine and preset collection.

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  • Everything you need for advanced encoding, Xvid or h.264. Lot's of tools and automation implemented.

  • Like it! Great software, simple and easy to install. Thanks!

  • megui is great project. thank you friends.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Thumbs up!!!

  • This is my favorite encoding program. Free, can handle most basic editing operations through AVS cutter and filters, rich profile configuration, and best of all, allows us to use the best MPEG4 codecs: x264 and Nero AAC. Granted, Nero AAC might not be the top best, but is one of the best and probably a lot better than FAAC, at least as far as listening tests have determined. Also, since this program is basically a frontend for various other tools, it is build in such a way that you can update each of those tools manually even if the update server lags behind. So I find this to be a highly flexible and useful tool and the best free encoder out there.

  • megui works perfectly.

  • This tool is very useful, but in it needs opensource software for GPU accelerated encoding to do the tasks faster.

  • great program, from all that I came across - MeGUI is the best of its kind

  • I haven`t ever used so stable open source software.

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful Open Source Project with us. I use and love it.

  • This is the best utility I have ever used... Congratulations...

  • thats good

  • All I use. Keep up the good work.

  • Great app.

  • Best program for Windows.

  • I have not used Keepass, but the idea is good!

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