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  • Worked perfectly when using version 2715, but now at version 2808, it is virtually unusable. First and foremost, I used to be able to convert mkvs into mp4's and hardcode subs into them with absolute ease. But now I can't even do that. Whenever I add a video source and try to preview it, it just comes out as grey! These bugs need to be fixed prompto!

  • hi i'am getting error after following "to finish the update needs to be restared". here is my capture OS : Windows 10 Pro 1703 x64

  • I have to give a one star to the latest version 2774. I even want to give a minus point if I can. I used to really enjoy using MeGUI. I've been using 2715 for more than a year, and it performs really stable. But how can 2774 has so many bugs even cannot complete the most fundamental work????? Cannot complete encoding MP4, bugs in x264, cannot encoding AC3, cannot correctly open Avisynth Okay, fine, that's alright. You may think that "Oh, I can get back the old version and wait developers to fix bugs." NO. YOU CAN'T. I downloaded the old 2715 and found that even I select not updating at the begining, when I processing encoding MP4, the software will say that there are some plugins missing, and automatically updating the latest version of those plugins. I am pretty sure that my old 2715 is not missing any plugins. After the automatically updating, the bugs are also updated. Finally I found a solution, which is disable the internet access when I using MeGUI. This can prevent my software from automatically updating and the old MeGUI works well as before. 2774 basically turned this GUI software to a virus.

  • Perfect!

  • Thanks a lot.

  • Great. Too easy to use for beginners... like me.

  • by miles far from the other, the best video encoding suite... (that's the bright sight).. Lately I raised my requirements for my encodings and using the following settings... program --level 4.1 --preset veryslow --pass 2 --bitrate 1000 --stats ".stats" --deblock -3:-3 --keyint 240 --bframes 6 --ref 4 --vbv-bufsize 32500 --vbv-maxrate 40000 --aq-strength 0.8 --merange 64 --me esa --psy-rd 1.0:0.20 --no-fast-pskip --colorprim bt709 --transfer bt709 --colormatrix bt709 --output "output" "input" ...I have noticed a possible bug.. The "--no-fast-pskip" option doesn't work in first pass. During the first pass I see at the "Status" window a "Processing rate" around 37-42 FPS. Any solution...?

  • I like it, thx

  • Thank you very much for the best converter. There is a question whether the full support for the x265 MeGUI? I encode through DMFS and edit through the Vegas Pro 13. Upon completion of encoding x265, the video does not play properly, and hangs up. Through x264 full order.

  • when x265 10bit encoder can use in megui?

  • Could add 2 pass to x265 configuration. MeGUI is the best!!!

  • Super Wondertool

  • I have nvidia GTX 570 graphics card. but it is not use in video encoding and processing pls configure GPU Acceleration option in encoding and processing

  • Hi, I have found only a problem creating video low resolution with h265, when use last mpc-hc, the video doesn't start, with VLC instead it works. The problem can be in the player, but I communicates it to you however. Good work!

  • Ini adalah Program yang Sangat bagus, yang dapat mengecilkan Ukuran File Video dan dapat menghardsubs dan Softsub lewat Muxing dan Encode, tapi sebelumnya Terimakasih ya MeGUI

  • First of all, i wanna say that i feel bad every time someone says a bad review or give bad rating for this awesome application, probably they are just novice in using this one. not to mention, megui isnt really a child play software with a direct to the point function since this is an advance encoder. even at first hear of this software, i wasnt able to figure out how to use it. i havent seen or used a software in my entire life that can match meGUIs quality output in terms of size. as i get use to this software, i do everything in profiles, i just select profile and everything is ready for encode. its very awesome software, its a powerful media encoder too. Im loving the pop info, hope there could be more info on one click encoder. Whats puzzling to me now is where i could find the track name that appears in one click encoder if i set the subtitle to force. Im loving it actually because thats the track name i want to input but i dont know how i did it or i forgot where i accidentally inputed that value. Anyways, very nice software, you would love it and tthe more you get to know how to adjust the encoding settings for better quality with respect with size, the more you're gonna get excited using the software. Im only wishing that there could be more languages selection added for the audio track. Thank you for all the hard work developers.

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  • Amazing job, dar project author! Many thanks. Program works, greatly works. Just muxed previously demuxed video+audio (converted left channel audio to mono) like a charm.

  • Fast, Easy to use. Used by the top encoders.

  • A essential media manipulator. This should have been ported to linux a LONG time ago, work on that.

  • need a x32 bit .., is available ??? please...

  • I'm using MeGUI to overlay my subtitles on mkv videos (that also have embedded default subtitles). I read the video source with DirectShowSource command, then TextSub my srt file on the video. The problem is that the output video has two subtitles, mine over the default one. Is there a command to ignore the default embedded subtitles for my case?

  • Please, port this awesome tool to linux!

  • Linux, please.

  • Thanks megui is excellent.

  • This is a great software, thank you wonderful...

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