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v0.37.4-exp (2014-01-12 02:20) + Feature: increased the expressiveness of the skin specifications. Previously, edges had a single tiled icon. Now, edges can have an arbitrary combination of static and tiled icons. v0.37.4 (2014-01-12 02:20) + Data: Unit Fixes + Data: Start of FM:3145 RAT's (Mechs only) + Bug [#3977]: Unable to load MUL files created in versions prior to 0.37.3 + Modified the ammo selection logic for Princess because I miss-understood the way incendiary ammo works and to take into account fire-resistant armor. + Bug: TESMP shutdown effect on tanks didn't last as long as it should + Bug: Tanks don't report when they automatically startup in the end phase + Added code to reduce the utility of firing on ejected mechwarriors/crews by 1000. This should make Princess much less likely to fire on them. + Bug: /localLoad not working + Bug [#3981]: NPE in WeaponAttackAction.toHit with Apollo and ArtV + Bug: TSEMP shutdown effect on BA caused NPE + Bug [#3921]: charges and DFAs not working + Bug [#3973]: Partial Wings aren't dissipating heat (37.2 exp) + Bug: Mechs with Laser heatsinks and RHS have incorrect heat capacity + Bug [#3982]: TSEMP should cause interference to firing unit even on miss + BA had special armor types separate from the armor types for every other unit. This makes some of the code difficult to work with. I have consolidated the BA armor into the armor for the rest of the units. This required updating a few methods in EquipmentType. + Feature: Updated BattleArmor.setArmorType to handle setting state for special armor types, like stealth + Feature: BattleArmor BLK files can now specify armor_type and armor_tech tags which will be read in and written out + Added a BAArmor enum to TestBattleArmor. This works like the AeroArmor enum in TestAero and is used to define what subset of all armors are legal for BattleArmor. + Feature: Implemented BA Reactive and Reflective armor + Added a new armor types, T_ARMOR_BA_REACTIVE and T_ARMOR_BA_REFLECTIVE along with MiscType creation methods for both types. This is necessary as the tech lvls and intro dates differ from the 'mech version of the armor + EquipmentType and BattleArmor both had defines for BA armor names, they are now unified + Created a separate T_ARMOR_BA_STANDARD instead of sharing T_ARMOR_STANDARD + Added MiscTypes for separated Clan/IS BattleArmor Armors (Thanks to Hammer, who did most of the work)+ + Correct some of the techlevel and dates for the MiscTypes + Bug: TestAero would fail Aeros for mounted bombs, this has been fixed + Bug: Updated methods getGoodCriticals, getBadCriticals, getDamagedCriticals, and getHitCriticals to work with mounteds due to EQUIPMENT_TYPE critical slots no longer having indexes + Data: Unit fixes and first batch of BA with new Armor Type and Tech Tags + Bug [#3985]: Bombs cannot be loaded via MUL files This fix involved adding 2 new methods to BombType: public static int getBombTypeFromName(String name) and public static int getBombTypeFromInternalName(String name) + Bug: Methods in Entity updated 2 commits ago still not quite right, re-written for clarity & damageSystem() also re-written to work correctly with TYPE_EQUIPMENT + Fix Stone's Brigades Filenames due to packaging errors
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