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v0.37.3 (2014-01-07 02:54 UTC) + Bug [#3970] Princess causes an NPE when determining a FiringPlan with no valid targets + Data: Unit Fixes + Bug: Fixed a few instances were CriticalSlot.getIndex() was causing NPEs + Bug: Updated Entity.isTargetable() to return false if position == null, to prevent some exceptions in the firing solution code + Feature: Added black borders around text in firing solutions, for readability + Feature: Enabled firing solutions for offboard phase (firing tags and such) + Bug [#3862]: Nighttime Movement Penalty Applies to Airborne VTOLS? + Errata: homing artillery now always targets an area, not a mapsheet + Bug [#3971]: More Clan LB-X submunition trouble + Bug: Princess.getEntityToMove() wasn't considering whether the Entity chose was valid for the current turn, which could lead to the Princess hanging during the movement phase in some situations (with no Exceptions thrown) + Feature: Implemented TSEMP + Feature: Added status effects to the MechDisplay Misc tab for TSEMP + Feature: Implemented radical heat sinks + Bug: NPE for Gun Emplacements related to creating a TestTank in receiveEntityAdd + RFE [#1210]: Implement Crew-size Benefits/Penalties + Added some new methods to for calculating Crew size and made it so that entities now set their crew size correctly + Added another crew calculation method that I missed + Optionized RFE 1210 and added the malus/restrictions for single crew vehicles + Adjusted how TSEMP hits are processed. Now they happen when the weapon is fired instead or all being processed at the end of the firing phase. This makes the reports look nicer.
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