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  • Very useful.

  • Easy for use.

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  • Yes, it really is a project worthy of attention, among other things, the health of one of the most important priorities in the life of man.

  • Very useful project!

  • Awesome and very useful project! Will definitely recommend it to use.

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  • My name is Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D. (co founder of and I find this tool to be very useful and helpful for myself as a physician

  • How to install gnuhealth-1.4.4.tar in OpenERP 6.0.3.

  • Nice work ! Great project.

  • super

  • coool

  • Looking it as a potential solution for a government department in SA.

  • does it works on openERP v 6.0.0??

  • es un excelente proyecto y ahora funciona con openerERP v 6.0 ya lo instale y estoy probando que no tenga bugs is an excellent project and now works with openerERP v 6.0 and I installed the new module of MEDICAL it by the moment dont have bugs

  • I need know how can I find the translation of medical module in french please ?

  • The OpenERP rich development platform for ERP and applications, is a good base. Additionally we should look at integrating Medical with other Open Source EHR. US Military veterans administration Health Care system, which has been live for with over 1300 networked/integrated facilities from large 1500 bed hospitals to small clinics, arguably the largest and oldest (since 1980's), system. Widely acclaimed, EHR & HIS with proven meaning full use of EHR and patient benefits. Esp relevant with the US Govt. recently announced thrust to health Care IT and EHRs, with incentives exceeding $20 billion !

  • Very good initiative. I hope you continue improving this system/modules and the integration with OpenERP. Stay realy open.

  • Very promising initiative. Keep going!

  • Destination for medical centers who are looking for best software package for their hospital.

  • very interesting and promising project.

  • From the concept to its implementation the project is one of the best . More grease to your elbows!!!!!!!!!!

  • very good

  • Buen Proyecto, muy interesante, felicitaciones por la iniciativa.

  • Excellent project. Keep up the good work. Projects like this one can make a difference.

  • Hi, I'd like to add my 2 cents, as I see that this is a project of the month, and open emr's have the potential to help so many people. As you have certainly noticed, there are countless emr's today, and all of them do a reasonable job of CONTAINING all of the important information, however they are often horribly non-intuitive (aka an ORGANIZATION problem). If I may make a simple suggestion; the paper chart has persisted for so long because it does a few things really well, pleeease consider making the gui of your emr look more like a paper chart. Rather than itemized sections with tabs all over the place, have ALL the info for a particular date viewable on one page. Have one set of tabs running vertically down the side which are divided by categories (i.e. Labs, progress notes, consults, radiology, etc.). Then have one set of tabs running across the top which has sections cross-referenced over time (yes, something emr's can do that paper charts cannot). This allows doctors to track TRENDS. For example, how has a person's Creatinine trended over the duration of their hospital stay or the chronic course of their kidney failure. Or their chest xray looks bad, but how has it changed over time? Things like that. So to sum up my ramblings, there's a lot of "been there, done that" with most emr's - that's why there are so many of them. They're all doing a great job of having all the info, but none of them present it in a way that is intuitive or helpful to the physician. I think the "tabs across the top, tabs down the side, make it look like like a paper chart" approach could raise quite a few eyebrows if it's done right. And FYI, I'm a new emergency room doctor (graduated a few months ago) who's tech-savvy, but has no formal IT training. I came to SourceForge because of XBMC, and if anyone is interested in my thoughts on how emr's can be improved, I'm happy to give them. Thank you.

  • Very intersting project.