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  • I sincerly think this app one of the best software I ever tried! => consider having a look at this site for Free Gift Cards :

  • I sincerly assume this software the perfect software I ever tried! => check this site for Free Goods :

  • Top GUI for mkv information of files and folders: + Portable 64bit Version, without adware. + easy to use for basic information. + fully configurable output, a bit complex, bug genius. + nice, light design. Including Explorer ContextMenu integration and a nice file ToolTip. + Good support, with bug reports and feature requests.

  • Excellent product

  • Great software. I hope they develop, perhaps with some help, will be able to implement the many things to do!

  • Good tool (I use the CLI version) and its kept up to date. Never had a real problem with it.

  • So many bad reviews, thought it important to share my experience. Maybe something has changed since all these bad 1 * reviews warning of viruses and malware. I downloaded it from Sourceforge this morning and immediately scanned my comp with MalwareBytes and it's completely infection-free. Simple software, does exactly what I need it to do, at no cost. Thanks!

  • To those who have a version with the PUP Open Candy malware in it - try scanning your files with Malware Bytes before opening them. And then you'll see the version from here is clean.

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  • nice software thanks!

  • Nice, nice, nice!

  • Mediainfo works fine.

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  • can you add support for mxf file type

  • terrific program

  • works great

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  • Wow that is an impressive

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  • Cant live wo it, tnx

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  • Cool!

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  • Nice, nice, nice!

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  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best.Good,good,good.+1

  • Mediainfo works great.

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  • I get very good data from this program

  • One great program Thanks!!.where Gspot let me down with which video and audio codecs (used by a certain media file) information..Mediainfo told me all i wanted to know,and wheree to get them if i didn't have them already.An absolute must have program if like me you are not very technically minded with PC's,and get stuck if X" or "Y" media file won't play..This is all you need for answers..

  • Loved this since it first came out, Although I must say have been using GSpot for website postings for more of a basic spec report.

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!

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