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This folder contains releases of Processor Expert components. The releases are named by release date: <year-month-day>. See GitHub commit log (https://github.com/ErichStyger/McuOnEclipse_PEx) full history of changes, fixes and extensions and http://mcuoneclipse.com/2014/10/21/mcuoneclipse-releases-on-sourceforge/ [Pending next release] - TBD 2016-12-12: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2016/12/12/mcuoneclipse-components-12-dec-2016-release - New component McuLibConfig - New contributed component ExceptionsHandler - GenericTimeDate with flexible RTC handling and initialization - GenericTimeDate with added Unix timestamp functions - Key component adds extra long key event and debouncing time - SeggerRTT, Bluetooth and USB CDC: added GetStdio() function - FreeRTOS: property for optimized task selection. 2016-10-30: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2017/07/31/mcuoneclipse-components-30-oct-2016-release - Shell: added support for printf() using XFormat - GenericTimeDate: Support for hardware RTC - KinetisTools: Fixed wrong bytes reported for Kinetis UID - RNet: Improved performance with random wait time in case of collisions - RNet: added support for multiple data pipes (experimental) - Fixed many warnings after increasing the GCC warning levels 2016-09-21: - Utility: improved hex string scanning handling - Shell: default standard I/O structure in USB CDC, Segger RTT and Bluetooth - GenericI2c: using standard int types for better compatibility with SDKs - RNet: removed ACK for standard I/O redirection for better throughput - Utility: added little endian data handling routines: Get- and SetValueXXLE() for 16, 24 and 32 bits. - FreeRTOS: fixed Shell prefix - FatFS: fixed gcc warnings - RNet: added optional timeout for NRF24L01+transceiver if interrupt or Rx packet is not received - USB CDC: added property to specify the USB subclass value - FreeRTOS: removed need for SVC for ARM Cortex-M0+ port - Segger SystemView: Updated to V2.40 and fixed missing information about kernel time used - FatFS: fixed handling of long file name extension 2016-07-31: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2017/07/31/mcuoneclipse-components-31-july-2016-release - FreeRTOS: generate OSA code only for SDK V1.3 - FreeRTOS: better suppport for NXP TAD plugin (making variable volatile) - C++ wrappers for: SystemView, Utility, Shell, - Fixed CriticalSection section handling with FreeRTOS interrupts - Several warning fixes for C89 compilers (S08, ColdFire, S12) - Updated FatFS to R0.12 with Patch 3 - Changed FatFS folder structure to match Elm Chan distribution structure - Shell has echo turned on by default if enabled - Fixed and re-added MC13202 transceiver 2016-06-25: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2016/06/25/mcuoneclipse-components-25-june-2016-release - FreeRTOS support for Cortex-M7 - SDK V1.3 support (SDK_BitIO, FSL_USB_Stack) - Fixed bug in Wait component (register handling for GCC and ARM) - FatFS supports FreeRTOS V9.0.0 with static memory allocation - FreeRTOS shell and task list with static memory allocation - Floating point conversion routines in Utility - FreeRTOS component shows NVIC mask bits 2016-05-29: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2016/05/29/mcuoneclipse-components-29-may-2016-release - FreeRTOS updated to V9.0.0 with static memory allocation - Shell with single character I/O function. - FatFS File System with extra shell commands for memory dump and file creation. - Segger SystemViewer library updated to V2.36a - Updated both Segger SystemView and Percepio Tracealizer libraries for FreeRTOS V9.0.0 - Improvements in many components with using the NXP SDK. - MaxonF2140 component has now a property for low active PWM - HardFault component works now with the Kinetis SDK - Updated Utility API documentation. - Added 'create' command to FatFS shell to create an empty file. 2016-05-08: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2016/05/08/mcuoneclipse-components-8-may-2016-release - Percepio FreeRTOS+Trace is now a linked component and is supported by the Kinetis SDK - KinetisTools supports now 128bit UUIDs - Quadraturcounter can switch pins at runtime now - Fixed Timeout component for using proper counter type. - Added and extended and verified Kinetis SDK support: Tacho, Hardfault, FreeRTOS, CriticalSection, GenericBitIO, KinetisSDK, LED, RingBufer, SDK_BitIO, Shell, SimpleEvents, Utility and Wait - KinetisTools have now added support for Kinetis KE06 - Fixed Shell component if used with CodeWarrior - Re-added Idle Decision hook in FreeRTOS, was lost with last FreeRTOS upgrade - Fix for settings comments used in Shell component - Fix for using LED with Kinetis SDK and PWM mode - Fixed interrupt masking for Segger RTT: now it uses automatically the value of FreeRTOS if present - Ringbuffers are now using a default of 64 entries instead of 1 - GenericBitIO handles now Kinetis SDK properly - FreeRTOS component can now specify custom Critical Section handling - Segger SystemView updated to library V2.34 - Segger SystemView: fix for Cortex-M0+, wrong prescaler information was used which results in wrong timeline 2016-04-03: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2016/04/03/mcuoneclipse-components-3-apr-2016-release - Utility: fixing issue with 'byte' and SDK usage. - USB CDC: timeout settings are enabled by default. - FreeRTOS: SysTick timer gets disabled before configured to prevent issues with bootloaders. - Segger RTT: updated to version v5.10u. - Segger SystemViewer: updated to v2.32a, added post mortem support and static buffer support and printf(). - Segger SystemViewer: fixed a bug on Cortex M4 with critical section handling. - Multiple components: Added support to be used with Kinetis SDK v2.0. - USB CDC: fixed a bug for Tx buffers larger than 256 bytes used. - Shell: new command line option to turn on/off echo. - Kinetis Tools: support for Kinetis KE0x devices. 2016-02-07 See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2016/02/07/mcuoneclipse-components-7-feb-2016-release - Segger SystemViewer: Upgraded to V2.30, added stack high-water mark - Segger RTT: fixed BASEPRI issue on Cortex M4 for critical sections - Utility: Fixed issue with Utility module and Kinetis SDK (usage of 'byte') - USB CDC: property to specify USB device current usage - USB CDC: New status getter functions: ApplicationStarted(), TransactionsStarted() 2016-01-10 See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2016/01/10/mcuoneclipse-components-10-jan-2016-release - FSL_USB_Stack: added MSD Host support for MCF52259 - FreeRTOS: updated to use interrupt safe method to get tick counter for Segger SystemView - Segger RTT and SystemView: updated to version V2.26, added print and console functions - FSL_USB_Stack: added serial number property, vendor and device strings use flexible strings now - RingBuffer: added Compare() and Putn() functions - FreeRTOS: fixed hardcoded Shell and Utility names - New NEOMatrix component for Adafruit Neopixel matrix - Segger SystemView: added functions to trace ISR - Linted most components with PC-lint - Kent chLCD: extended to work with GDisplay component - FSL_USB_Stack: added support for K24FN120, updated USB host stack for IAR compiler, added 100 MHz K20 support - FreeRTOS: updated dependency with Shell and trace facility - minINI: fixed wrong macro for ini_putl, added ini_browse() function 2015-11-22 See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2015/11/22/mcuoneclipse-components-22-nov-2015-release - Updated Segger RTT component - New Segger SystemView component - FreeRTOS 'tasklist' shell command - FreeRTOS with support for Segger SystemView 2015-11-08 See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2015/11/08/mcuoneclipse-components-08-nov-2015-release - New SeggerRTT component - SeggerRTT support in Shell and PercepioTrace - USB CDC component has added properties to configure the end point size - USB CDC Component has added delay routine - Components (e.g. Shell) reference the KinetisSDK component - added FreeRTOS TimeSlicing configuration item - RingBuffer with Delete() method - Updated FreeRTOS to V8.2.3 and added xTaskNotifyClear() - Fixed usage of Low Power Timer vector number (was broken with recent Processor Expert Update) - Implemented workaround for Processor Expert bug dealing with the FSL_USB_Stack component (wrong usage of USB_Init component) 2015-10-17: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2015/10/17/mcuoneclipse-components-17-oct-2015-release/ - GenericSWI2C: Added SendAck() and RecvBlockCustom(). - GenericI2C: Added ReadBlockGeneric(). - FreeRTOS: ability to specify the number of thread local storage pointers in the properties - FreeRTOS: added GDB backtrace handlers - FSL_USB_CDC_Device: added STDIO functions - minIni: Added additional defines for the interfaces in the header file - FreeRTOS: runtime statistics are using spaces instead of tabs to have aligned task lists in the output 2015-09-15: - Upgraded FreeRTOS to version 8.2.2 which includes support for thread local storage - Added Percepio Trace (Beta5) with Segger RTT support - Improved FatFS performance: SPI now is only disabled before changing speed for non-LDD component. - Trigger component is now compatible with Kinetis SDK - GenericTimeDate component has events for getting date/time - Preventing FreeRTOS vTaskSwitchContext() to be removed by high GNU gcc optimizations. - Fixed several possible issues found by cppcheck 2015-07-05: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2015/07/05/mcuoneclipse-components-05-july-2015-release/ - 24AA_EEPROM: added support for 24AA16 devices. - Utility: fixed issue with printing negative fixed point values. - FreeRTOS: updated to work with Kinetis SDK v1.2, added Cortex-M7 setting. - FreeRTOS: updated component and port to support GNU LTO (Link Time Optimization). - HardFault: updated component so it works with GNU LTO (Link Time Optimization) optimization setting. - SD_Card: component is enabling now only one SPI interface at creation time. - RingBuffer: added Init() and Deinit() functions, added Peek() function to inspect buffer item without removing it. - FreeRTOS: fixed handling of configMAX_SYSCALL_INTERRUPT_PRIORITY for Keil compiler. - Timeout: changed condition order to avoid out-of-bound access. - Percepio FreeRTOS+Trace: updated component so it works with the Kinetis SDK v1.2 - FSL_USB_Stack: USB CDC and HID components have settings for bus power and/or self power settings. - FreeRTOS: fixed heap_4.c implementation (the heap size was not written correctly: configfTOTAL_HEAP_SIZE instead of configTOTAL_HEAP_SIZE) - GenericSWSPI: fixed error (Generator: FAILURE: at line 276: Error in including "Drivers\Common\SynchroMasterSetIdleClockPolarity.Inc") - Utility: new function strcatPad() to add a string with padding pattern. - FSL_USB_Stack: extended Deinit() functions to properly deinitialize status variables. - KinetisTools: added command line support for reset 2015-03-22: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2015/03/22/mcuoneclipse-components-22-mar-2015-release/ - Shell: Improved history handling - MinIni: Option to select local/stack or global memory for buffers - FreeRTOS: Ability to use the tick counter instead of dedicated timer for performance measurement. - FSL_USB_Stack: Added Deinit() functions to USB components for proper USB shutdown. - FatFsMemSDHC: custom behaviour of CardPresent() and isWriteProtected() functions. - Wait: Fixed Waitus() and Waitns() for Kinetis if using different core and bus clock speed. - FreeRTOS: fixed port macros for legacy Freescale ARM compiler - Shell: fixed hardcoded utility module reference. - FatFSMemSDHC: fixed wrong condition order with disabled CD and WP pins 2015-02-03: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2015/02/03/mcuoneclipse-components-03-feb-2015-release/ - VS1053: New component for VS1053 encoder chip (e.g. present on Adafruit Music Maker Shield) with MIDI API. - FSL_USB_Host_MSD: Refactoring of critical section management, added configurable timeout settings. - Shell: added contributed shell history support. - Shell: fixed silent mode and multi-command support in combination with shell history support - RNet: automatic registration of queues and semaphores for trace - Percepio Trace: updated to V2.7.0 trace library - FreeRTOS: The RTOS has been updated to version 8.2.0 2014-12-27: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2014/12/30/mcuoneclipse-components-27-dec-2014-release/ - nRF24L01: added property to specify SPI speed/baud settings to be used for shared SPI bus usage. - SD_Card: ability to select AsynchroSerial SPI component in addition to the SPI_LDD for Kinetis. - FSL_USB_Stack: fixed script for MSD Host and Kinetis K20D72. - RNet: fixed missing return statement in PrintHelp() of RMSG.c. - Extended FatFS and nRF24L01+ drivers to co-exist on the same SPI bus. - Fixed USB host support for Kinetis K20D72. - Added FreeRTOS Software Timer API. - Updated and incorporated bug fixes in XFormat component. - Added FatFS 0.10c patches (removing clusters, _FS_NORTHC handling) - Added support for FRDM-K22F (MK22FN512) in FSL_USB_Stack. 2014-12-07: See http://mcuoneclipse.com/2014/12/08/mcuoneclipse-components-07-dec-2014-release/ - RingBuffer: Fixed RingBuffer component with buffer size of 256 (wrong handling/overflow of index variable fixed). - PercepioTrace: properties added for INCLUDE_READY_EVENTS, USE_16BIT_OBJECT_HANDLES, HEAP_SIZE_BELOW_16M and TRACE_SCHEDULING_ONLY. Fixed handling of USE_IMPLICIT_IFE_RULES. Added ability to disable some of the events to extend tracing time. - FreeRTOS: added setting to set stackframe to zero for GDB. - FSL_USB_Stack: fixed missing interrupt handling (enable/disable) for KL24Z48M. - FAT_FileSystem: registering the queue/semaphore name so it shows up in RTOS trace. - FSL_USB_Stack: Added K22F120 for USB MSD host devices. - RNet: fixed header file include in RNWK.c as case sensitive on Linux. Fixed source file folder naming for Linux. - FSL_USB_Stack: added HID Keyboard and HID Mouse support for K22(FX). - FSL_USB_Stack: added USB support for FRDM-K22F board (K22FN1M) which needs the MPU disabled (like K64F on FRDM-K64F). - Prepared to be used for Kinetis SDK (e.g. using uint8_t instead of byte): RingBuffer, USB_CDC_Device, FSL_USB_Stack. - RNet: added shell support to RMSG module, improved error handling for nRF24L01+. Added module address to properties. - Utility: new method ScanDoubleQuotedString() to scan a string in double quotes. - LCDHTA: New functions CursorShiftLeft() and CursorShiftRight(). WriteLCDCommand() is now a public method. (Contribution from Frederico Luiz Fernandes Marcelino) - New component FreeRTOS_Tasks to create FreeRTOS tasks. 2014-11-16: - backspace/del support for Shell component - updated FatFs component from r0.8a to r0.10c - added configUSE_TRACE_HOOKS in FreeRTOSConfig.h to indicate usage of Percepio Trace - Added KL24Z to the list of supported FSL_USB_Stack devices 2014-11-02: - USB support for K64F - Added memory barrier to EnterCritical in CritialSection component 2014-10-17: see http://mcuoneclipse.com/2014/10/21/mcuoneclipse-releases-on-sourceforge/ - initial release of components on SourceForge
Source: readme.txt, updated 2016-12-12

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