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  • If you want to compile this project, go to the discussion section, you'll find the missing resource.h file and some hints on compiling. I honnestly didn't get the chance to compile the code because I tried Emcee7 which is basically the same codebase but supposedly further developed and improved and I hate it with a passion. It was buuuuuggyyyy and saaad and they want money for it. I cannot imagine it's smaller and more neglected OS brother fairing much better than the paid version. Do yourselves a favor and go with smallwindows. It's got it's flaws but it's way more reliable and it doesn't need desktop compositing to work to boot, so if your gaming and running Windows basic mode or if you're running Win7 in a virtualmachine, you won't loose it's functionality. smallwindows also have binaries you can try out on virtual machine to see if you like or not before you compile it.

  • No support, missing resource.h, no project file. Don't bother.

  • I downloaded Mission Control / Expose Clone W7 production release 1.02 extracted it but did not find mc.exe HELP me!!!!1

  • Mcsoft is perfect! Thanks.

  • Very usefull application. However it does not work well with multiple monitors. Specifically, in my Windows 7 PC that has two monitors, the Windows 7 version of the program, does not show all windows/piles of the second monitor, maybe of the first too (I don't remember exactly). Can you fix this please?

  • I downloaded the code, no project file, won't build, missing pieces of code. Not sure if the developers try to force people to buy the commercial version or they are just that sloppy...?

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  • I've just tried your commercial version for Win7. I was willing to buy it, but it still have the 2 flaws I mentioned earlier of the free version: 1. slow start! this really makes it unusable to me since in MacOS, this happens instantly 2. the maximized window bug. Another turn off for me! Too bad, cause this could have been a really nice and useful feature to Windows!

  • I really love it, almost perfect. Is there a way to change the shortcut ctrl+tab? I can't figure it out. Besides that its awesome.

  • One fatal flaw. CTRL-TAB is bound to this, without any noticeable way to change it. CTR-TAB is a STANDARD shortcut, used on windows applications to switch between the windows of the application. Until the author gives a way to change the shortcut, this is useless.

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  • mcsoft works perfectly, thanks

  • if this smart stuff can separate different windows of Excel files, it will be perfect.

  • works pretty good... well done team! 2 things would make it perfect for now: 1. make it start faster... even though I'm starting mc.exe using the "-resident" argument at startup, it's still starting slow when I activate it with Hot Corners 2 for example or even from a pinned shortcut from the taskbar. I don't have a slow system (Dual Xeon Workstation). It would be perfect if this delay could be setup from the mc.cfg file. 2. fix the maximized window bug. If I have a maximized window active and I use Mc.exe to switch to another normal window of a different app, and I want to get back at the maximized window, every time I do this, the maximized window becomes smaller and smaller, and it's borders starts showing up. I'm using a dual-monitor setup btw. Hope you can do something about these 2 things. Waiting for the next update!

  • not access the desktop when a window is maximized. This program is for hot corners excuse my bad English

  • Really Great Job~!! Keep on Going ~! I have been looking for this kind of soft for a long time~!

  • Nice app, it would be better if it can be invoked by mouse~ thx~

  • Very nicely done. Is there a way to change the shortcut key to activate? Ctrl-Tab is used to switch between the open windows inside an application.

  • Beautiful, I just added support for your awesome application to Win7se, it might come in handy for some people. Thank you.

  • Wow! It's very cool! I need only one more thing...i need tasks panel at the bottom! Can you store it?

  • hi, thanks for this project, working great on windows 7 32bit. just a question though - is it possible to activate expose with mouse on hot corner, like on OSX? thanks!