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  • It works perfectly for me. I was able to open an mbox file of over 200MB. I am running windows 10 on a lenovo laptop. I use this program to open mboxes that someone gave me at archive dot org.

  • This is easy to use and is helping me edit my gmail account. Although you can search for a range of dates, I wish you could simply order the entire file and I have sent a Twitter to the author just now.

  • Love the utility. It missed out on one star as it is missing Open File option, it only has Open Folder. This is missing both in GUI & commandline. I was intending to use it an an external viewer for WinSCP where I'd need a command invocation something like [utility fullpath] <winscp temporary filename>.

  • ripl, the problem you complained about with large .mbox files is solved! MBox Viewer is a very nice program! The author, Enea Mansutti, has updated it (January 21, 2015) to work with very large .mbox files. It now works well for me on 64-bit Windows 7 to read a 14.9 GB .mbox file containing my saved gmail archive (which I downloaded from Google Takeout). Of course, the initial load of a 14.9 GB .mbox file takes a long time, but that's unavoidable, because the .mbox file format has no index. So any program which reads it has to read the entire file, to build an in-memory index. Enea also enhanced the main display, to show "to" addresses (instead of just "from" addresses), and he added an "attachment" indicator. He also apparently incorporated some performance enhancements. He also enhanced the search function considerably. The search can now still search entire message bodies as before (i.e., search the entire .mbox file, which is slow!), but you now also have the option of searching just the message headers, which are kept in in memory, so that's fast! Also, you can constrain the search to include just a desired range of dates, which is very useful. Enea made all these improvements just because I emailed him and told him that the old version didn't work on my giant .mbox file, and asked him whether there was an updated version. What a nice guy!

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  • It's unpossible to open large MBOX files, it shows empty folder, no error message etc. It can not show correctly spec.characters (Czech), it can not to find Czech words in messages. There is not a possibility to sort messages (date, from...)

  • The product allows you to view and MBOX in a decently formatted fashion. The only suggestion would be to allow EXPORTS of Selected Email or ALL EMAIL to TXT or PRINT directly a particular Email. But in-lieu of importing into Thunderbird, this is a nice quick solution.. THANKS!

  • MBox viewer works perfect for archiving project IMAP folders as MBox-files. Missing a file open widget with input field of the path for copy-paste.

  • This app is great. We have tons of emails from clients we need to keep (with attachments etc). We can safely archive our IMAP emails with a click-drag from the Thunderbird folder, and delete them from our server (without ever needing to reinstate the folder simply to check an old email, or grab an old PDF). It might not be much, but it's actually been a life-saver. Thanks :)