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  • First of all, I will start with saying really good attempt.. I and my colleagues liked the way you have organized the documentation. Specially indentation of the mapping rules, makes it easy for many to read the mapping later.. So it is not like a "build-and-never-read-again" mapping documentation. Another feature we like is that we do not need to download PI map, but the excel connects and searches for all the maps itself, making it a simple one step tool. However having used this tool for more than one time now , we have noticed some small bugs which I would like to bring to your notice, so you can fix them and make the product better .. ! 1> Fixed values.. the logic only pulls the Target values in the Fixed mapping and not the Source values in the output documentation 2> UDFs : Although local UDFs are well document, current version does not working with a Function Mapping Library. So if we refer to a UDF from this Library, we have the UDF name as calculate12222222222222222222222222222222|<Function Library Name> for every UDF 3> Disabled nodes : Unfortunately nodes disabled in the map are also shown in the final document. In theory this is for me, not a big issue , as ideally one should not have disabled fields in the production mapping. But in real time, this happens more often that you think..sometimes as the final solution is not yet live for all the fields etc.. Again, I would appreciate the overall effort you have put. Really a fantastic job done.. Looking fwd for the next version of your tool. Ravindra Hegde

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  • Good Job Sunil. Nice tool. Can we have a functionality to download all mappings that belong to a namespace/SWCV in one go?

  • Hi Sunil, I was trying the MappingMaster PI documentation tool but facing problem at the step 2 - Press ALT + F11 >Tools>References, the references option is disabled. Kindly let me know if there is any step missed by me. Thanks Varun