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  • Great software - we are using it for years, now. Functionality-wise everything is there just the design is outdated by now.

  • Really cool to use. But the due_date should be accessible by default.

  • Easy to install. Easy to use. Does the job without being bloated with fancy features. Exactly what you need for small to middle-sized projects. Though, the default design is a bit... out-dated, but if you care about design, feel free to modify the php/css yourself.

  • Heavy duty stable durable workhorse. Not "fashionable" pretty as such, but once you get used to it, very logical, good use of colours and highly customisable. A bit daunting to setup initially, but if you just go with the defaults, everything should be fine. Being in PHP + MySQL, and the code being really well written, you can add your own customisations if you need - good chance though that whatever you need is already there.

  • I really like it! It made developing and reporting bugs easier. The design could be a little better, but anything more to say. Great work! Keep it up!

  • thanks! awesome!

  • This is a great program!

  • It is a great software. Thanks

  • Really useful platform and easy to setup and use.

  • Highly recommended!

  • really great tool

  • Good work:)

  • This is surely one of the best open source projects.

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  • Great software Well-Known Myths As Opposed To The Accurate Pieces Of Information

  • Excellent application, works great!

  • very light and excellent!

  • It is an awesome small and easy to use program

  • Needs a bit of work for Win7

  • If you would like to manage a project than it's not first choice. But If you want to manage your bugs and issues, then it's indeed best of breed. Strong recommended in that case.

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  • Amazing app. Works and feels great!

  • Strongly recommended!

  • About 2 years ago I was asked by a project manager to find a good defect tracking system which can handle multiple projects. “But, it can’t cost any capital dollars. We are out of capital dollars, but we have expense dollars.” To be honest I thought he was asking me to find the equivalent of a pink unicorn. But, I dutifully examined the demos, online manuals, and forums to 36 different defect tracking systems. Many were eliminated for the lack of documentation (or poor documentation) many others for lack of basic features such as email notification. MantisBT is what I settled on. The QA team, the 3 development teams, and the 2 project managers used Mantis to the present. Not a single complaint (except that it needed a LAMP server amidst a Windows shop) and the managers became so comfortable with MantisBT that they willing took over the management tasks and even open it up the several clients. Even the single modification was effected without difficulty MantisBT is a great defect tracking system. Thank you for your efforts.

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  • very good project

  • Mantis is the best bug tracker i have ever seen!

  • Mantis is the best option for choosing a Bug Tracker and it is working for years in our organziation. Since it is highly customizable, we customized to implement scrum using mantis

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