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  • I have used Manjaro XFCE Distro for one year. Software update is a big headache(Not easy) in this distro. It asks keyring or something. After an update the volume control disappeared. I decided to download the next latest version and made a fresh re-install. still volume control was not there in the new distro. I decided to leave manjaro. Now iam satisfied with voyager x8.

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  • After LinuxMint, Debian, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu I was searching for Arch Linux and found Manjaro Linux XFCE: reliable, fast, full of features... Awesome!!

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  • Love Manjaro Linux

  • Great operating system. I use it as my work operating system. Very stable. I did break Xorg messing around but Manjaro had the tools to help me get it fixed. Coming from Arch, I highly recommend this operating system. Updating the kernel is simple. Go ahead and give it a try.

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  • As version number indicates, not yet fully complete, but it is being my distro of choice. It is not just graphical installer for preconfigured arch linux. Differences include (but are not limited to): - using different repositories to ensure stability - updates requiring manual intervention are automated through manjaro-system - pamac for package management - manjaro-settings-manager for switching kernels, keyboard layouts and drivers with gui - mhwd to automatically detect hardware and install proper drivers - not using arch repositories means that ABS cannot be used to build packages from source Great distribution, I prefer it plain arch linux for its artwork.

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  • Great pacman based distro, ease of use, full of feature, great design and support. The new Arch is here, go and get your bow. Some people wanna be an archer and learn the hard way. Some people just want to know how to use bow, and they still called an archer. At least we don't have to bother with troll come in here. We treat them respect (though sometimes I want to kick their ass off). If you want ubuntu, get ubuntu. Respect the developer, respect the user, and maybe you'll get respect from the mountain archer.

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  • I recently discovered Manjaro. The rolling distribution model is a nice departure from what I have been used to for the last 20 years on various flavours of Linux. Granted the GUI system configuration tools are not as well developped as something like YaST, but I like the simplicity and the ease of maintenance. Manjaro also gives a new lease of life to old hardware that can have difficulty coping with the requirements of the big-package distributions. Simple to install and easy to use, manjaro is a joy to work with.

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  • Manjaro is one o best linux distribution on the world, fine design, stable & sweet adictive to use, like this project. Like the future idea if can will be based in ubuntu. dont like arch sorry

  • Eu amo essa distro xD

  • My distro of choice

  • Buen trabajo!

  • wonderful distro

  • Totally amazing fast and stable distro!!!

  • i love manjaro, especially the openbox version, its arch but easier :D great way to help convince friends to take the plunge and move away from debian/ubuntu

  • Es la perfecta opción de disfrutar de un archlinux si no te gusta o no tienes tiempo de instalarlo de 0 y configurarlo.

  • Manjaro Linux is one if not the best operating system i have tried so far! :)

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  • I love Manjaro and its community! :D

  • Arch linux gone fun... update: I shoudnt have rated Manjaro so early.. After awhile I realized that these young German men are quite clearly in it for the money. Using linux a free system for money.... and in reality are bad spirited weird Germans. Just plain weird.

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  • Gracias al equipo de Manjaro los escritorios XFCE y Openbox son exelentes!

  • Thanks for Manjarolinux, it's good!

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  • Arch Linux done right

  • Thanks for Manjarolinux, it's good!

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  • Very good Software.

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  • After more than two years using Manjaro I only have praises for it! It gets better at each year, easier to use than ever. Manjaro is just right for me, a rolling release system without breakage and always fresh packages.

  • great distro , well done

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