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  • Excelente!

  • best Linux distribution, I've ever used. simply the best

  • Fast, easy-to-use, feature-rich Linux with all the benefits of rolling release and Arch features like pacman.

  • The best Linix distro I ever saw. Simple, fast, friendly.

  • No one who is just a plain desktop user of Linux takes to heart to read any update information. As a result of the update to use only the terminal just recently caused me reinstall my Manjaro XFCE. I did how ever take the time to try Manjaro KDE 17.0.1 and I believe I will switch from XFCE to KDE. :-) What I really like about Manjaro is that it is a rolling release and not a point release like Ubuntu or Fedora. Pros: rolling release - install once and forget about it easy to install as a desktop user who doesn't know any codeing or programing AUR programs installing - Google Chrome - Clipgrab - and more I like to use codes just works for audio and videos large DE base: KDE, XFCE, now Gnome very large community of DE: LXDE, LXQT, deepin, cinnamon, i3, mate, and many more... Cons: AUR not all programs install (Lightzone - photography application) latest update in design under the hood - I found manjaro from YouTube of Spatry and Don't Call Me Lenny, you are out there, so as ease of use from a simple desktop user who doesn't know code or programing this is why I took off a star


  • Amazing distro

  • Long time Debian user (both desktop and server) but occasionally play around with other flavors. Was impressed with Manjaro XFCE. No muss, no fuss, no major problems or quirks, and certainly nothing that a bit of Googling could not rectify. Nice distro for anyone who wants to just sit down and do normal end user tasks and not have to think about a thing. Very pleasing. And XFCE is highly customizable so very easy to tweak. With Manjaro being based on Arch, the Arch wiki is a great resource - and better than any forum. Have not eyeballed the forum much... but have not really found anything useful there when I have stumbled across posts... but I'm an advanced user and so...

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  • Just starting with this release. My favorite is with the 'rolling release' and never having to re-install. As long as the updates are kept as current as possible without bugs, this will become perhaps the standard for future Linux users.

  • This Os is really good and easy to install and learn

  • First, Forgive me for my poor English... :-) I've been a Debian user for many years and I still use Debian. I tried Manjaro and other Arch based in the past but I had a lot of troubles. But last month I decided to try Manjaro again and I was really surprised: in my opinion it's one of the best distro I've ever tried. I started with Ubuntu, then I tried Mint, Fedora, Open Suse, Debian, Elementary and many many others, including Puppy and other "old hardware focused" distros. I found that the last Manjaro is very good and has everything I need. I use the xfce version (KDE is cool, ok, but I love xfce). The AUR repos allow to install a lot of software like Skype and Teamviewer. I also could install Virtual Box is perfect and I can run Windows 7 perfectly. I don't use Nvidia Drivers but I tried to install them is really easy and safe if you follow the wiki. Installing is "new-by proof", Updates are OK, wifi has no issue... almost perfect! :-) I keep Debian in dual boot because I want to have the stability of Debian and the always updated software of a rolling release like Manjaro. The only issue (perhaps a temporary bug) is the use of Mousepad (only as root): it's very laggy (even several seconds), so, when I have to edit system files, I have to use Nano, Leafpad or Geany to be comfortable. Well... try Manjaro, people! It's worth!

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  • nice

  • Me love you long time

  • Very nice, thanks for good job guys

  • Wonderful distribution!

  • I like it the most, the i3wm version is my go to distro. I nuked it today, but I went full retard and used an install script from wacom driver and it killed the HID. :D I am going in again, it was so smooth. On the other hand, KDE flavor is horrible, the UI is so buggy like microsoft's windows UI, it's so heavy and NOT simple by design, that's the reason for its bugness.

  • I downloaded and installed Manjaro thinking it would be a decent out fo the box operating system for a novice. The software offered as part of the default install is not bad, but the following problems really drag it down, and I will very likely end up changing systems again: - VLC media player doesn't even open - Steam doesnt work, unable to load driver, even though I applied the 'Purge Libraries' fix - I couldn't get ecryptfs to generate the Private folder - The firewall needs to be switched on every time the computer is booted up - The screen locks every 15 mins or so of inactivity, nowhere have I found anywhere to change settings to extend the time - It only detects a wifi connection, and not my ethernet connection - Since the latest update (today), there is no option to install any new software in the software centre, where there was once a button is now blank. I didn't have a single one of these problems with Xubuntu, out of the box solution this is not.

  • Good distribution, good alternative for Window$it. Manjaro have all update package + linux.

  • My issue with this distro is that its forum is pretty much worthless and that is an important thing with a distro. Ive been a Linux user for 10+ years and asked a simple question on their forum and the response from a Manjaro team member was "use the forum search" and locked my thread. I did use the search prior to asking as well as googling for the answer. If it was so easy to find with a search why not link me to a relevant thread?

  • I find Manjaro to have a stable foundation with ease of use and update. The past problems with Pamac are dealt with and even the rolling release is better than most where you must fully reinstall each new version. Their forum is easy to use and friendly, unlike some who treat a novice as ignorant. The number of Kernels include the most recent available and they still put out 32 bit systems with complete support. This is a very versatile system and when using Testing you can have state of the art software up to date with few problems that are dealt with quickly. Those who like a challenge, there is also unstable which helps the developers bring new ideas to the groups. I've used this system since November of 2013.

  • plss b43-firmware, b43-firmware-classic b43-firmware-legacy Installation should be included in the ISO

  • Manjaro has locked down all user participation at the moment. Most users are rejected from wiki, mailing-list and forum! Which other distro is so awkward?

  • Easy graphical installer, no system update headache due to rolling release, large number of packages due to AUR access, stylish artwork, helpful community. Broken package updates very rarely (though existent).

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  • On my Dell Lattitude D630 I have WinXP, Mint, Peppermint5, and now Manjaro xfce. On installation of Manjaro 0.8.12, I found that the updates are broken and although the system works, its no good without the updates working. I have now downloaded and burned to disk 0.8.13 three times, and in each case, Brasero does not complete the disk and the disk will not boot in the D630. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong, but this is Linux not ready for me yet.

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