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Maltcms 1.3.2 Release The Maltcms Development Team is happy to announce the release of Maltcms 1.3.2 ## Changes for version 1.3.2 ### Improvements * Added support for import of GcImage Blob Reports in csv format as peak data in ``. * Fixed an issue in `MZMLExporterWorker` where validation would fail, if file names started with numbers. * Added support in `Peak2D` for reading and writing of peak lists from and to netcdf. * Refactored and simplified `SeededRegionGrowing` to primarily use the `IChromatogram2D` interface. * Updated documentation. ### API Changes * Removed extra steps in `SeededRegionGrowing`, thereby removing a number of configuration options. Alignment can now be performed by `PeakCliqueAlignment`. Example pipelines have been adapted accordingly. * Peak finding classes have been refactored to share large amounts of similar code, this may require adaptation of the pipeline configurations. * Extended IChromatogram2D interface to allow retrieval of 2D time bound region. A list of non-compatible API changes can be found for each module in the module **Project Reports** section, under **Clirr**. ### Dependencies * Updated cross dependency to latest stable 1.4.0 release. More information may be found at
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