MakeAVI is a simple Windows application to assemble a series of JPG (or other formats) images into an AVI file (video). This functionality facilitates making time-lapse movies or stop-motion animations.
MakeAVI currently provides an image preview and w

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User Reviews

  • Nothing is faster or more solid for turning an image sequence into a video. Great for time lapse/animation. Yes it has its quirks but you'll get used to them. Like one user said, no codecs are included and the built in windows codecs are crappy but you can just install ffmpeg or choose "full frames/uncompressed" as an option then open the file in your favorite video converter. Also, I've noticed it is very picky about filenames being numbered sequentially with no numbers skipped. I use "Advanced Renamer" to handle that minor problem. Great job, thank you!.

  • Easy and simple. Does what it says. Nothing more nothing less.

  • I was looking for an alternative to GoPro Studio for stitching together photos because their format, CFHD, is not well supported by players other than QuickTime. MakeAVI can crop but not scale. Fine if you just want the middle of the shot but not good for reducing the file size. There are no codecs with this software so I ended up trying some Microsoft / Intel ones with pretty crappy results. You can remove a single file from the set but not groups. I'm going to delete this and keep looking.

  • The idea is interesting, but the quality of the implementation of terrible! No installer, just two files, exe, and a library. After creating the avi file it can see what that band and everything like that properly.

  • Just as advertized, no other programs seem to come close (including mSoft movie maker), very pleased (thank you!)! I worked with 640x480 resolution photos. It could handle up to 2184 files with no problems. If more than that number of files were added at the same time, file 2185 name would be truncated and no file names after that were added. However! More than 2184 files worked if they were "Add"ed in groups groups of 2,000. If you do a search on youtube for "216TimeLapseMovie (full resolution)", a modular house construction video shows the results I got from using this program. Highly recommended (and many thanks to the author).

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Win32 (MS Windows)

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