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New Plugins : Extra package magmi_extra_plugins_20130131 (official 0.7.18 release): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Category Importer/Creator now can work with category root path parameter from UI (was buggy, thanks to Pierpaolo Toniolo) - Category Importer/Creator can now define item positions in last category - Category Importer/Creator can now have explicit root assignment on multistore - Image processor now has enhanced renaming capabilities (useful for server generated remote images) (renaming syntax changed including support for regexp replacement with captures & value replacer syntax) - Remote agent backward compatibility with php 5.2 New Plugins : Utilities package magmi_utilities_plugins_20130131 (official 0.7.18 release): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fixed relative sql file access in custom sql plugin. New Plugins : Extra package magmi_extra_plugins_20121114 (official 0.7.18beta2 release): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Value Replacer 0.0.8a - Fixed case insensitive mapping of ValueRemapper helper New Plugins : Extra package magmi_extra_plugins_20121106 (official 0.7.18beta1 release): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Remote Agent: - allow to run magmi on one host & target a remote hosted magento , however DB connectivity should exist between hosts. * Tag Importer: - allows to import product tags (and also update tag list for a product). This Plugin was sponsored by Pawel Kazakow ( Enhanced Plugins: Extra package magmi_extra_plugins_20121106 (official 0.7.18beta1 release): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Import Limiter 0.0.6: - You can now limit import to a selected subset of columns Image Processor 1.0.24: - Added Support for {magmi.imageindex} and {magmi.attr_code} in image renaming to enable multiple image handling Value Replacer 0.0.8: - Added support for value mapping from csv files. - Fixed support for meta info usage in conditions (so you can have a different behaviour depending if item exists too) Category creator/importer: - Added support for item positioning within category - Added support for escaping of tree separator Enhanced Plugins : Extra package magmi_extra_plugins_20120726 (official 0.7.17a release) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - added support for configurable/virtual association - fixed multisite support for tier pricing Magmi Plugin packages: * (official 0.7.17 release) - ImageProcessorPlugin "media_gallery_reset" flag is now useable without media_gallery column & forces reset in all cases when set to 1 * (new official 0.7.17beta3 release) - Image Processor plugin A new "reset_gallery" column is available , if omitted , then reset is considered "1" This enable several media_gallery line per sku , if reset_gallery is set to "0" , then the media_gallery images on this line will be added to the current item gallery If this column is omitted or set to 1, the extra images of the item will be resetted before the listed images are added. * - The clear catalog now uses database reflection in case of all flat catalog have not been built yet. - The custom sql utilities now works multiples times when choosing different options * magmi_extra_plugins_20120209 (new official 0.7.17beta1 release) - Enhancements on Value replacer plugin, now handles values, see documentation. - new parameter for image processor : allow to not precheck image availability (this should better handle shroedinger mode amazon hosted remote images url) - Tier price importer now checks for price scope config,should work better for 1.6.x single store (thanks bepixeld for spotting & submitting patch) * magmi_extra_plugins_20111103 (new official 0.7.16 release) - bugfix on multibranch category assignment for multistore for on the fly category importer - fixed category url rewrites - fixed tier price plugin processColumnList signature * magmi_utilities_plugins_20111103 (official 0.7.16 release) - added remove images custom sql script * magmi_extra_plugins_20111019 (new official 0.7.15b release) - Fixed orphaned option values custom sql utility request * magmi_extra_plugins_20111017 (new official 0.7.15 release) - added "No Records Found" output on "SELECT" based custom SQL requests * magmi_extra_plugins_20111016 (official 0.7.15 release) - category import now can handle specific root with [rootname]/scat1/scat2 syntax - image plugin now uses global config settings for file & dir perms * magmi_utilities_plugins_20111016 (official 0.7.15 release) - Custom SQL, removed orphaned options : splitted into "remove specific orphaned options" & "remove all orphaned options" - Custom SQL , removed * orphaned options , now handles multiselect & also limit scan to user defined attributes - Custom SQL, added "list orphaned options" * magmi_extra_plugins_20110914 (official 0.7.14 release) - added 'media_gallery' field to the checklist that ensures that the plugin has to be activated - added {{ }} support for datasource values in value replacer (in case of cms tags in description or other fields) * magmi_extra_plugins_20110707 (official 0.7.12 release) - fix bug for "no default value for path" in category importer/creator - added wiki documentation link for plugins * magmi_utilities_plugins_20110707 (official 0.7.12 release) - Revamped UI - custom SQL scripts : remove cateogies, fix product stock, fix page layout, remove orphaned option values - EAV check : now check is not done at loading but is an action.
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