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  • Another mod of MadEdit--MadEdit-Mod which is based on MadEdit v0.2.9.1 with bug fix and new features. New feature list: Drag&Drop Edit(Cross platform) Bookmark(From Gogo) Highlight word(shift+F8) Triple click to select whole line Search all in current file Delete all by using ReplaceAll with a NULL word Open files and go to #line by command line Embedded Python as Macro language for automation Insert incremental numbers Fully functional Hex edit Replace in all mode(Normal/Column/Hex) by paste according to insert mode Column Align Right click on file tab(Close all to the right/left/but this file)

  • I have forked MadEdit at May 2, 2013. The project was wxMEdit: wxMEdit is a fork of MadEdit which has been discontinued. The purpose of wxMEdit is to provide a continually maintained text/hex editor with bug fixes, improvements and refactor. Mainly Changes from MadEdit 0.2.9: • Improved encoding support. - - Added new encodings: ISO-8859-16, Windows-1258, CP850, CP852, CP855, CP866, KOI-R, KOI-U, GB18030. • Improved Mac OS X support. • Improved encoding detection result. • Redesigned dialogs with Code::Block wxSmith. • Updated translations. - - Added Spanish translation. • Fixed many crashes and other bugs. • Improved build and packaging configurations. See and for more changes.

  • madedit is the best app. but we need updates :)

  • I love this software!!!

  • Awesome product, thanks for sharing!

  • Real good! The best for free!

  • Quite simply a great editor. Very nice. I like it a lot!

  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best!

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  • Runs smoothly

  • Thanks

  • Really good editor!

  • Superb hex editor!

  • wonderful hex editor !

  • It's a simple and good enough to use application. And it's free. ^o^ 100% suggest to use it.

  • very easy to use text editor for a long time using it and very happy

  • Very well-written code, when comparing to other similar projects! wxWidgets is a fairly good choice too.

  • Powerful editor!

  • I'm absolutely astonished. This text editor does EVERYTHING I regularly use in UltraEdit. From column and hex modes, to selection commenting, to changing CRLF's to LF's and back again. What a treat! The only surprise is that it lacks bookmarking (CTRL+F2, F2). That's it. Really, how can that be it? Great work!

  • Good for Chinese, Thank you!

  • Madedit handled large files that other linux graphical editors froze on. It was "laughing" on these big files. Try it, is my recommendation.

  • It's really a good HEX editor!! I love it!!

  • madedit has "segmentation fault" in ubuntu 9.10, because the in the MadEdit::OnPaint function will be call when m_ClientBitmap=NULL. I change this by add follow code in the front of the MadEdit::OnPaint like this: void MadEdit::OnPaint(wxPaintEvent &evt) { if(mClientWidth==0 || mClientHeight==0) return; wxPaintDC dc(this); wxMemoryDC memdc, markdc; wxWindow *focuswin=FindFocus(); ........... and now make!

  • This is the coolest text editor I ever used! If there were a multi-replace function, this would be a prefect editor for me. :-)

  • It's really good!

  • 您好,這個軟體小巧又好用,而且自訂性很高,在下把它放入在下小站之中… 請教一下,在下在使用時有一點怪怪的,用mouse時選一行字時,動作跟不上mouse,有一點點慢,是正常的嗎?

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