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##English If you boot Macis from hard drive or U-disk, you must ensure the filenames are lowercase. Correct example: initrd.lz, vmlinuz, macis_536.sfs Wrong case: initrd.LZ, VMLINUZ, macis_536.SFS You don't worry about it if you boot from CD. ==The inconvenience will be fixed next time. ##简体中文 如果从硬盘/U盘启动或安装,你必须确保文件名都是英文小写: 正确示例:initrd.lz, vmlinuz, macis_536.sfs 错误示例:initrd.LZ, VMLINUZ, macis_536.SFS 如果从光盘引导则不用考虑这个问题。 ==下一次将搞定这个不方便的地方。
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