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Macis Puppy Linux Project. Official Project Site: Owner : Librehat Blog : ##English: You can download ISO and essential pet packages in this site. If you want to know more about the owner, you may need to visit my blog. Please report issues to For more details, please visit our official project website. NOTE: All of the packages are only tested in newest Macis Puppy Linux. ##简体中文 你可以在本站下载到ISO镜像和必备的pet软件包。 如果你想了解项目负责人,你可以访问我的博客。 任何问题请提交到 了解详细情况请访问我们的项目站点。 注意: 提供的软件包仅在最新的Macis Puppy Linux中作过测试。
Source: README, updated 2012-01-09