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  • Thank for share !

  • is it compatible with ubuntu 14.4 lts i installed the program but the only thing changes the docky started. and no other changes were made. what is the solution please?

  • the best way is to use the hardware WE like, in my case a X220 Lenovo, great, fast, full of features, have endurance (not a lady´s hardware), with linux, and the great look of MAC OS.

  • I like it because it looks like a Mac, but is 100% Linux. It could problay fool Mac users. I realy like it. The only problum I have is that Unity is default. I recomend that the devlopers try to use cinnamon or Mate as they would look better. I would love to try more in the future and I am looking forward for the next release.

  • It is just perfect!

  • Really good program, simple and useful. I'm satisfied.

    2 users found this review helpful.
  • Really good program, simple and useful. I'm satisfied.

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  • This is a wonderful project. TNX!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

  • below mentioned command also work with ubuntu 12.04 64bit but top panel color , sound not working at all. Kindly update for ubuntu 12.04 64bit UBUVER="10.10" UBUNTU="Ubuntu $UBUVER

  • We all Love mac! linux users too!

  • Hi does anyone try it on ubuntu 12.04 LTS ?

  • Hi, Macubuntu really works, I am facing some problem after installation on my laptop when it says restart your system. So, after restarting my system the MAC toolbar doesn't display on the desktop. How to get it, I have reinstalled Macbuntu on my Ubuntu 11.04. Pls. guide. Thanks, Lalit

  • Excellent, I have only just configured the package and I did receive some platform warnings upon initial installation however none have presented any issue as of yet. Everything appears to be working very well thus far. Cheers

  • Good program for some time used it and was pleased, but then found an alternative. In any case, thanks!

  • Thanks for a good application

  • Fantastic work! Now that Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is out, is there any plan to support it? thanks

  • According to my opinion , It's a fantastic project. Thanks.

  • Wonderful job, thanks for sharing

  • I like this concept. A lot. It's not ready for 11.10, but you can be sure I'll be installing it on all of my machines as soon as an update for 11.10 is ready. I'm hoping that the 11.10 update will remove any and all traces of Unity.

  • Hello, I just installed macbuntu on a 10.4 distribution. It works and looks great, in some regards even better than the real Mac OS. Even windows may be changed in size from all 4 border lines ... great. I have one question: I installed it from my home directory by ./ force I'm the admin of the computer. My children are users with restricted rights. How can they use macbuntu for them too without installing it on each single account? Thanks for your answer. Achim

  • how can i make the genie effect?

  • I'm having trouble running this with 11.10, I did everything you guys said. It's like half installed, I would really appreciate some help. I can't seem to get the top panel to look like OSX. What are you guys running this under, GNOME? or UNITY?

  • Hi I downloaded the file and i did as you said. I chose wobbly window while installation but it is not working. Give me the solution to make it work fine..Thanks in advance..maddy984

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