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  • Thank you very much! This is very nice! I installed this on Ubuntu Natty 11.04 with no problems. Just edit the and files. Open and change UBUVER="10.10" UBUNTU="Ubuntu $UBUVER" TO UBUVER="11.04" UBUNTU="Ubuntu $UBUVER" and save it. Do the same for the You can do the same with 11.10 Cheers

  • I'm trying to intall it in 11.10

  • Worked perfectly with 11.10! Just follew OpenID user's instructions and viola!

  • Thank you very much.

  • Works perfectly in Ubuntu 11.04! Thank you Macbuntu Team! For those of you attempting to install this in 11.04 (I'm assuming the following will work with 11.10 as well, though I haven't tried it), you need to edit the file (while in Ubuntu, double-click it, and click Display), and change the UBUVER value to your current Ubuntu version (default is "10.10", simply change to "11.04" or "11.10"), click save, and exit the text editor. Then double click again, but this time click Run in Terminal. A terminal window will appear, prompting you with a few options, and it should now work perfectly. As a side note, it's best to log in with the Ubuntu Classic desktop if you want to use this, as Unity can mess up the Macbuntu install.

  • I tried downloading this on Ubuntu 11.10 but when I tried to run the install script in the Terminal, the terminal only appeared briefly and disappeared without further action. Does this download support 11.10?

  • I have installed this on Ubuntu and Linux Mint 10 and enjoy it very much. Makes my desktop more intuitive and Flashy. Microsoft would want your first born child for this software. Thanks!!!

  • Great! Easy install. Work for me. My Lenovo X100e from 3 months ago until now : running ubuntu 10.10 amd64 with Macbuntu. When is it release for Ubuntu 11.04 amd64 ? Thank you.

  • When is it release for 11.04?

  • thats very very nice! But when it is coming for ubuntu 11.04? LIKE!!! ,9

  • Some people are saying the uninstaller for this package is not working on the ubuntu forums. You might want to take a look into this. Nice project btw, very sleek looking. -d3v1150m471c

  • Really awesome! I suggest it to all Ubuntu users :) Very easy to install and is completely perfect!!! It also adds many useful changes that make working on Ubuntu desktop so easy and more productive..

  • Makes ubuntu worth using.

  • Wow! I'm working on a really horrible project and have to use Ubuntu. Now at least I feel at home with this machine. Almost 'double-click' ease of install and looks fantastic. Thanks.

  • In addition to my desktop, I run Macbuntu on my Macbook Pro as I prefer Linux to MAC OSX. It really confuses MAC owners when they look over my shoulder.

  • good job

  • perfect

  • I had installed Ubuntu Tweak even before Macbuntu. But it was removed during Macbuntu uninstall. Emacs looks horrible with this theme. Emacs' recentf-mode is not activated for some reason (after the uninstall, recentf-mode works fine). Before install, my theme was Clearlooks. After uninstall, it was something else. Gnome Terminal's custom profiles are deleted... Before install, I had many custom applets on the top panel.. After uninstall, they are all gone. I had added many locations (time zones) .. but they disappeared after uninstall.. I WANT MY SYSTEM AS IT WAS BEFORE Macbuntu !

  • very good project

  • Great! Very cool.

  • Great!!! This is the best mac style I've ever seen!!!

  • Great! The version 2.2 does not work well in Japanese environment, but version 2.3 works pretty good. I love it. Thank you for your work.

  • Easy install, sane defaults, no extra configuration required to see it work. here it is running on my dell inspiron 9100: Looks good, doesn't exactly mimic a mac, but you can't expect it to. 10 out of 10 for effort, Blackpool LUG.

  • I have made an remaster with macbuntu installed, looks great! Search for: macbuntu-iso

  • Fantastic! It makes my laptop with Ubuntu looks really cool.

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