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  • An horrible theme that DOESN'T look like Mac OS X and plus makes Linux desktop bad-looking. Windows 95 theme was better than this. Maybe even console is better than this.

  • Kindly update for ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 61bit

  • Can you update this to 12.04/12.10?

  • Fast and simple.

  • it's almost the same Aqua, great job!

  • this is the best thing ever i used it with a unheard of distro called zorin (try it ) and it worked perfectly it was exactly what i as after however my logon screen didnt change which ruined the mac effect but even so it is worth it ps if you want to ununstall rather than running uninstall.shs just goto themem menu and change your theme twice to go to default theme hope this helps.

  • Perfect project, thanks a lot for writing

  • Superb project, thanks a lot for conveying

  • Great!

  • good job

  • I just installed it on my Ubuntu (10.10) system. Works flawlessly! I love it!

  • very good project

  • nice

  • I installed this onto Ubuntu 10:10 and everything worked flawlessly out of the box, once I modified the start-up splash and login logo and added dock it now resembles OS-X in every way. I give this theme 10 out of 10 and highly recommend it.

  • Good job, man.

  • Thanks for taking the time to build such a great MacOS X theme for linux. It's the best one out there! Keep up the great work!

  • 我等着你的更新呢

  • Really good project, specially for icons. I use in in combo with the also popular T-ish theme.

  • Very good theme !!.........

  • Integrates beautifully with my Ubuntu Karmic Koala. It looks so nice, I may actually get a Macintosh! :D

  • Great!

  • It's the most recent reviewer....the problem was my stupidity, not the software.

  • Install works fine, but the uninstall is total crap, it literally does nothing

  • I haveit on my ubuntu on my macbook, I usually don't notice the difference!

  • Unistaller messed up with my Ubuntu. All kind of files are opened with the antivirus program :-S all previous asociations are missing. No more previews in files. All fonts where left behind on remove (altough this was stated on the script...) Background and alt+tab preview where also left behind. Sorry but that "no way back" doesn't seem fair...

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