Lynkeos is a Cocoa® application dedicated to the processing of astronomical digital images taken through a telescope.
It is optimized for SSE vectorized instructions sets, multi-processor and multi-core machines.


  • Native MacOS X
  • Optimized for vector units
  • Optimized for multi cores / multi processors
  • Adapted to planetary and deep sky images
  • Expandable via Plugins

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User Reviews

  • - Lynkeos is absolutely great- ultra userfriendly, ultra fast, and needs FAR less manual intervention than other stacking software. - It is missing angle adjustment of the frames, and therefore not yet very useful for pictures that show significant different angles (for ex. if your scope is not perfectly polar aligned) -Great reactivity of the development team!

  • Lynkeos is very well thought out software with an excellent user interface. Its easier to use than anything else I have used and gives comparable if not better results. It has some features that are unavailable anywhere else including a tool for correcting chromatic aberration that is unmatched by even high end image processing tools (like lightroom). It does however have some bugs and quirks which prevent it from being perfect: If the object wanders too much over the frame of the movie, the program cannot track it effectively during alignment. I solved this problem by fixing my mount :-) but you could also use the windows program "castrator" which does a great job at cropping and centering objects in the movie. The "processings" panel is unstable and causes crashes when processing events are turned off or on, its not possible to shift click to select/turn on or off groups of frames in the image list, it lacks fine control of alignment via alignment points that is possible with other programs it would be great to have a tool for estimating the degree of geometric distortion of circular objects (e.g. planets) - since this would be a good way to reject poor quality frames. Otherwise this is a great program and the developer would be advised to port it to windows since it would compete well with the offerings over there..

  • Easy for use.

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French, Italian, English, Spanish

Intended Audience

Science/Research, Education, Other Audience

User Interface

Cocoa (MacOS X)

Programming Language

C, Objective C