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  • Should be standard package on Lubuntu.

  • Excellent application.

  • GREAT WORK :) i go nuts editing LXDE menus manually... why is there no debian package?

  • Very good tool for LXDE users. Thanks for share and good work.

  • Your tool saved me a lot of time. Now it is very easy to add new programs to the startmenu :)

  • Does what it says, good Open Source example. Does One Thing Well (tm) and that is awesome!

  • Useful app for linux

  • Perfect open source project! 10x!

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  • Reliable and runs smoothly

  • Excellent work.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Great! Would be super if we can create new catégories and displace programs all around!

  • Seasons Greetings, Marko. I'm using lxmed in Knoppix 6.7.1, and pleased with it. alsamixer and mc are nice, but hidden, programs in Knoppix. They don't show up as menu items anywhere in unmodified 6.7.1 Knoppixes. I've added alsamixer and mc command choices to my lxenu by hand-editing two copies of the htop file in Knoppix's System Tools submenu. I was pleased to find that lxmed was aware of my additions and allowed me to easily move the new alsamixer entry into the Sound & Video submenu with just a click or two. Am I missing something here? Should I be able to achieve creating new lxmenu entries just using the lxmed guis, eliminating the hand-editing, or would this be a new feature for lxmed?

  • Useful, works, does its job. Nothing else.

  • Very useful program :)

  • of course it can be done in C or C++. however, I never programmed in GTK or Qt. So at the end, I decided to implement it in Java. I know Java isn't much lightweight, but nowdays Java byte code and Java interpreter has quite good for performance even for lightweight platform such as LXDE. Of course, in the future, if I spend some time (which I'm planning) in learning GTK, I will rewrite the application in C/C++ or perhaps Python (if I also learn Python :)). Thanks for review very much!

  • hello. your idea is good. However, executing it in Java, I think it's against the main target of LXDE: a Lightweight desktop. I can understand that you understand Java better than any other language. Can this be done in C or C++?