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  • Positive review because it actually works (my criteria is ripped blu-rays and in particular coded with VC-1) and I tried many (plex, serviio,tvmobilis, univeral media server) that failed at some point on the critical transcoding activity. To fully fullfill my need I wish to have a readynas installer. But at least I found where to access the web interface for remote administration (there is HTTP access with port 4280)

  • In my opinion the only one software in its class I found here really workable! But yes, only flaw for me is that it's impossible fo seek videofile during playing. Maybe it doesn't depend on server side but on a media player? I'm using AIR AV and VLC, Not first nor second are able to seek video file during playing.

  • Lximedia works perfect.

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  • Good and useful software

  • Went through countless DLNA servers as I was looking for something streaming and trans-coding into my Android phone, he isn't powerful enough to play FullHD for example... almost 99% can't do a job properly, they are made for TVs, Xbox etc, but Android needs specific decoding done. The ones which were working fine were Wild Media Sever and Media center. I was looking for something which would transcode MKV with different languages and subtitles and this LXiMedia is just excellent!!! You can choose which Audio track to play! With or without subtitles - just brilliant! For android user like me just perfect!

  • LXiMediaCenter is the best dlna media server I've tried and used up to date. I've a lot of the other media servers out there - both paid and free - but none of them could do well with playing or even transcoding all my media files without resorting to various tweaks and edits of profile configurations. What I love about the LXiMediaCenter are the following: (a) supported for embedded subtitles and srt files (because I have quite a few foreign movies) and I need the subtitles to play them; (b) on the fly transcoding; simplicity of the interface; (c) setting for both standard and high definition video as well as surround sound; (d) simplicity of the interface, and (e) no transcoding issues whatsoever, no matter what file format - container and codec - that i threw at it. Thanks so much for such an simple, but elegant piece of free software. I will make sure that all my friends here about this. Once again, thanks.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • LXiMedia is the best DLNA media server. It simply works!

  • Small, easy, quick and functional. Great.