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  • I used all the major desktop environments and adopted lxde as my definitive desktop environment, it's very fast, simple and efficient yet easy to set up.

  • I switched to LXDE from Xfce. I like how LXDE is fast and light, easy to configure, and I like having all the features of Openbox also available.

  • Fast and that's what I appreciate most.

  • Even the best in 2016! Simple and genial.

  • There is No ui to uninstall a theme.

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  • There is No ui to uninstall a theme.

  • Thanks a lot.

  • All I wanted was to submit a bug, because I use gpicview. gpicview crash after trying to save rotated image on which you don't have a permission. No warning, nothing - just crash. Version 0.2.4-1 on archlinux. It's stupid I can't submit a bug (only for admins) and there are forums where it says I should use bug tracker...

  • One of the best desktops, for new GNU+Linux users and for the old-ones who doesn't like the desktop to distract your resources or attention.

  • Before I start the review, I have one request for the makers of this Desktop Environment. Could you consider using IceWM as the default Window Manager, as it is very lightweight, but is more themable than Openbox, and is using GTK 1 as the toolkit. I have a bad time getting anything better than XFCE on some old Pentium 2s (Yes, Penrium 2s), and XFCE just consumes more ram than I have on hand, so I gave LXDE a shot and... it was like the machines were actually meant to be used as desktops. The Desktop Environment contains some key Applications, like a picture viewer, a calculator, a text editor, and even a dedicated terminal emulator! The theming is good for a simple and distraction-free look and feel, though (As mentioned in the above paragraph) I went out of my way to set IceWM as the default Window Manager to get some better themes than what Openbox allowed. For the usability, it's very possible for anyone with experience with Windows XP to just sit down and use it with complete ease. The panel customizability is not really as good as it should be (Like having text next to the Menu Button.), but it's still better than what Gnome 3 has to offer. As for support, I dunno. In total, it's great as a way to make an old computer (Like my old Mac G3 B/W with 512 MB ram and a shoddy ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics card.) look and run like any other, just change the Window Manager to IceWM, m'kay? :)

  • Thanks for Lxde, it's excellent!

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  • Thanks so much to all who have worked on LXDE! I installed it yesterday on my old Samsung N130 netbook which I'm forced to use after my laptop didn't survive the last fall. LXDE is so amazingly fast, it is so pleasant to use: the apps load quickly, switching between them feels instant, it took away all the frustration of having to wait for things constantly as with the default Ubuntu/Unity desktop. And Eclipse, which was literally crawling before, works pretty fast as well, something I wouldn't have said about my relatively powerful workplace PCs. Obviously, I did take care not to overload the netbook with stuff, but it seems that LXDE frees up enough of my 1Gb RAM to make all this possible. And it looks nice as well. I really recommend LXDE to anyone who wants a more responsive desktop environment.

  • My desktop of choice because I have somewhat older machines and I love the speed.

  • The best lightweight desktop for GNU/Linux :)

  • Desktop without the fluff! Window titlebar rollups, dark themes, easy to customize desktop pop-up menu, easy to select, yet thin window borders, autohide taskbar.

  • Hi ! I am a rarely-linux using-user ... ;-) Updated my Debian and got a new Gnome ;-) Ok, the Gnome is not longer Gnome, it is somestring ultra-strange ... I got KDE and found nothing useful at all ... I now found LXDE and this is the absolute hit !! Just my compliments, that there is something, which could organize your work, keeps being configurable and allows me to get rid of all the worse things, like fading, popups, moving, wabbling, black background and all that full internet-hype loke "modern styles" :-) Thanks a lot !

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  • lxde is small and works nicely

  • very lightweight DE that works very fast and stable

  • I have been using LXDE for a year now and I have converted all of my machines to it (replacing KDE and Gnome). It even runs great on my 8 year old laptop. The only problem I have is that sometimes when I switch to a different desktop LXTerminal doesn't refresh and whatever was on the previous desktop remains. That is a minor problem.

  • I like LXDE with one exception--the pager does not reliably show thumbnails of open windows which are on each virtual desktop like that of Gnome 2, XFCE, and Enlightenment, to name just three. Sometimes, it has a rectangle of the appropriate size and shape for the open windows, sometimes not. Sometimes they will stay for a bit when changing desktops, but most of the time they go blank. Despite that, it still works great on my netbook. It is light and fast and has a panel plug-in for capslock status (Acer Aspire One 722 lacks LED's for that purpose). I hope it continues to improve. However, I am wondering why the web site is unavailable. I hope it is only a temporary problem.

  • Truly lightweight DE, running especially fast under Arch Linux.

  • light, fast, simple, what else to ask?

  • The great thing: it does what you tell it, and only that. Unlike other desktops, never seems to get in the way of my development workflow. Truly excellent.

  • I like this combination of lightness and functionality.

  • Blazing fast, modular desktop.

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