Learning with Texts (LWT) is a tool for Language Learning, inspired by Stephen Krashen's principles in Second Language Acquisition, Steve Kaufmann's LingQ System and ideas from Khatzumoto (AJATT). Read & listen, save & test words in context!


  • Learning with Texts (LWT) is a tool for Language Learning, inspired by Stephen Krashen's principles in Second Language Acquisition, Steve Kaufmann's LingQ System, and ideas from Khatzumoto, published at "AJATT - All Japanese All The Time".
  • You define languages you want to learn.
  • You define the web dictionaries you want to use.
  • You define how sentences and words in the language will be split up.
  • You upload texts, and they are automatically split into sentences and words! Later re-parsing is possible.
  • Optional: Assign the URL of an mp3 audio file of the text (Dropbox, local server, ...) in order to listen while reading the text.
  • You read the text while listening to the audio, and you see immediately the status of every word (unknown, learning, learned, well-known, ignored).
  • You click on words, and you use the external dictionaries to find out their meanings.
  • You save words or expressions (2..9 words) with optional romanization (for asiatic languages), translations and example sentence, you change its status, you edit them whenever needed (like in LingQ).
  • Use tags to categorize your terms and texts.
  • Test your understanding of words and expressions within or without sentence context.
  • MCD (Massive-Context Cloze Deletion) testing, as proposed by Khatzumoto @ AJATT, built in!
  • See your progress on the statistics page.
  • You may export the words and expressions and use them in Anki or other programs.
  • You may upload words and expressions into LWT (from LingQ or other sources, CSV/TSV) - they are immediately available in all texts!
  • New since Version 1.5.0: Create and edit an improved annotated text version (as interlinear text) for online or offline learning.
  • New since Version 1.5.3: Multiple Table Sets / Multi User Setup.
  • New since Version 1.5.5: LWT - WordPress integration & user authentication
  • The application is 100 % free, open source, and in the Public Domain. Do with it what you like!
  • Prerequisites: a local web server (Apache, PHP, MySQL), e.g. EasyPHP (Win), or MAMP (Mac), or a LAMP-Server (Linux)..
  • LWT runs great on an iPad, etc., too!
  • Enjoy your language learning and reading of texts in foreign languages!
  • -----------------------------
  • TEST LWT.... (Don't use for productive work!)
  • Go to http://lwt.sourceforge.net/testdb ... UID=lwt, PWD=lwt
  • -----------------------------

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User Reviews

  • Boy this software is Great!!! I was so upset after my LingQ account to prove useless after just 2 hours... This is even more better... Just that the LWT website page is too messy.. Perhaps organize it in multiple pages and with short and more clear text...

  • Incredibly useful. For example I use it for learning words in current German news. I copy and paste the text from the current "Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten" from Deutsche Welle: www.dw.com/de/media-center/deutschkurse/s-100816/filter/type/audio/programs/17269854/ and then the mp3 file (both slow and normal speed) and toss them in the lwt/media directory. Absolutely awesome. The only problem so far is with the lookup of capitalized German nouns from the Glosbe dictionary: the word gets copied as lower case, and Glosbe gives an error "No translations found (de-en)" because of the first letter being lower case. Correcting that in the Glosbe window gives the correct definition.

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  • This is an amazing project, a fascinating tool for anyone learning languages, but especially for those doing so on their own. Not only does it help you improve your vocabulary, it allows you to have an entire new perspetive on your own learning process. The statistics screen is impressive. I can't say anything about the support because I've never needed any, as it has been working flawlessly since the moment I installed it. I can only thank the developers for this brilliant piece of software.

  • Been using LWT for a couple of years now and immensely grateful to the coder for all the work he has put into it. The text import works smoothly, never had any issues reading through and creating terms from texts, and the ability to export terms to Anki is fantastic.

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • it's really a nice and effective application that will help you to improve your language learning process, and it's free.

    1 user found this review helpful.
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