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  • excellent adaptation of rsync which is pretty much on its own in terms of being GUI based on Linux. Very fast & a good number of configurations are available. However it's prone to freeze up on completion (this on Ubuntu 16.0.3) but at least it has the good grace to complete first ;-)

  • Easy to use, powerful backup and sync tool.

  • Still an excellent backup product!

  • Excellent job!!!

  • Best Backup & Sync Tool EVER !!! thank you Louka! The best part about this tool is that you can input your OWN commands and see them in action, instead of having only buttons/options all over. A++

  • Very good job Louka ! Powerful tool !

  • Great job. After trying a number of graphical backup tools, this is my favorite. I like it because it was easy to set up and worked the first time. I like how you can see what the actual commands look like too. Nice touch.

  • In my opinion the best backup program for Linux!

  • This software is perfect for the "not so experienced" user under linux. Works / installs / runs perfect under openSuSE 13.2 (and earlier releases). Be sure the read the users manual to get all the information. Yeah, I know.... RTFM. It is your data, ya know.

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  • Well designed, easy to use, but (for me) it helps to be pointed to the manual, which is also quite clear. Loukas was responsive to my plea for assistance as well.

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  • If some more coding is added to this project, this software is going to be an unbeatable Backup Solution.

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  • Easy to use, clear hints on mouse scroll over, snapshots and cron. Decent manual. Overall well thought trhough.

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  • Very good product, easy to use. Supports remote sources/destinations too! Thank you!

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  • best linux backup app :)

  • faubackup used to be my favorite backup tool (it's still nice) until LuckyBackup appeared, with its GUI to an rsync backend. Perfect! Thank you, Loukas Avgeriou!

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  • Good and useful software

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  • Almost excellent! Καλή συνέχεια :D

  • Superb tool, simple and easy to install. Thanks a lot!

  • Fast, easy to set up, and keeps files properly.

  • I switched to Ubuntu in 2007 with release 7.10. After trying to find back up packages that met my requirements for more than a year, someone suggested I try luckyBackup. That was my lucky day. I have used it ever since, and it has always worked perfectly for me. I back up my 1.5 TB data drive to a USB hard drive connected to an XP machine on my home network. luckyBackup is fast, dependable, flexible, and configurable. And it is very easy to use. I highly recommend it to all.

  • fast download and works, recommended.

  • Both easy and complete rsync interface. I like it very much.

  • Много хубава и ефикасна програма Very nice and efficient program

  • Very nice, allows to backup same stuff to multiple sites, by duplicating tasks, and much less of a CPU/HDD hog then dejadup.

  • Impressive GUI for rsync (at least, what I've discovered so far! :-)

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