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  • The app is buggy and outdated. Moreover it doesn't have UI. Do yourself a favor and use free "Macs Fan Control" app (google for it), it supports all apple hardware on Windows and also Mac.

  • Great program! does exactly what it says. The only caveat for me is that it won't read my cpu temp, which is weird because smcfancontrol does it when im on osx. I'm on a late 2013 rMBP on mavericks.

  • Works great on MacBook Retina 2012

  • Great program to Bootcamp, because Windows does not correctly manage the fans. "jvilavong": To start minimized automatically, just put a shortcut in startup folder (C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ StartUp) and the properties of the shortcut in "execute" choose "Minimized"

  • Works on my Mac Mini (late 2012). Installed it just to check and IMMEDIATELY heard the fan kick in. My first response was honestly "thank God." Bootcamp Windows 7 was running a bit hot and I missed the options with iStatMenu. Good work on this folks!

  • great program! only have 1 suggestion. Would you please add an option to make the program start minimized?

  • It works great. Keeps my mac as cool as it looks. It has all the features I thought of when I was looking for such a program. Only one bug - and it's a biggie, and from the forums it's been around for a looong time: It stops the computer from shutting down! It took me days of frustration and troubleshooting and repairing software components (that it turned out weren't broken) before I discovered it was this program. What's up with that? I've done enough programming to know handling a system shutdown is not rocket science. If you can't handle that then at least put a warning on your description to save people days of frustration thinking that there's something really wrong with their computer. I gave you a donation so that you can survive another day - that should be plenty of time to fix the bug.

  • Good and useful software

  • lubbofancontrol, easy to use. thanks

  • Awesome !!!

  • Just what I was looking for to use on my MacBook with Bootcamp. Good work!

  • thanks for the quality project

  • Thumbs up!!!

  • This usually work great but I have a crash on startup sometimes. I gather some information about it where can I send it?

  • Cool

  • great fan controller, thanks!

  • Nice tool, thanks!

  • very simple fan controller!

  • Wonderful job, thank you for writing

  • It is awesome. Period. Put it into autostart and forget about the heating problems.

  • Works like a charm since more than two years on Windows 7 x86 on a MacBook Unibody [Aluminium] (Late '08).

  • Does it work on iphones?

  • Doesn't work with GPU ATI 6750m. Can we hope an update ?

  • Been running two years now on Windows7 32bit and no major glitches...

  • @Marcus Brannfors Windows XP (SP2/SP3) doesn't suffer from overheating - Only Windows 7 !!!

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