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  • Overall good, but I miss the ability to customize fields, and costumize tab views in edit mode, the costumizable HTML and ODT versions are good though Word support is also desirable, though this can be handled with an Export from OOo Fields desirable for a tow log - in addition to what we already have: #Tow Wire Length#, #Tow Tension#, #Propeller Pitch# Other customable fields might be desirable when working with other types of offshore (such as DP hours, DP mode, comments for crane, diver and ROV activity, sensor status, etc Also would be interesting to implement communication logs such as (GMDSS) radio log

  • Reliable and stable, thanks logbookocpn

  • Very complete logbook. I like it very much. But being so complete there are a lot of things I would like to add. For example: having the time in 24h, having an alarm for watches... And I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but when I add a line I always have as date 12/5/2092. Very strange. Also adding a line in the logbook adds a row in the weather sheet, but not in the engine/sails sheet. Also I miss a 'help' button, for example to find the meaning of the 'sign' column. But, never the less, thanks very much for such a nice performing application. Eric Nyssen (Antwerp, Belgium) s/y Seaborne in Ibiza till end of the month.

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