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  • Used Steganos Locknote for 5 years+ and carry it around on little USB. Surprising so few downloads. Thanks @sourceforge, another winner.

  • I been using Steganos LockNote on a daily basis for a couple years and it never failed to save. However, I seldom I forget to save some minor changes. Hence, it would be great if it had some auto-save&close feature. This would save may changes and prevent access when I forget to close it. Still, I love it because is simple and pratical enough. Thanks Steganos!

  • I have never had locknote not save data. Doesn't mean it can't happen but I use it often and have not experienced it.

  • I like this program. Thanks!

  • Nice and simple.

  • If password is lost means how to remove it !!! Help Me

  • Great tool, small, no install, quick. What I am missing: - Save button when doing bigger changes (only save as is existing) - When copying a password from the Text insider LockNote with a mouse doubleclick on the word one space at the end of the word is included, this is annoying as after pasting the last character has to be deleted. Behaviour: Doubleklick->copy, Klick on destination -> Paste, Backspace to delete the space What I would expect is Doubleklick->copy, Klick on destination -> Paste

  • One file, no installation, open source. I've used it for years.

  • great solution to protect your private notes. Thanks!

  • I never use this software before. Thanks for sharing.

  • Quality, plain and [very] simple, just like all the good ideas. Cheers.

  • Good job, works great, make it for mobile (java)

  • Simple (one file), convenient (data and exe together), portable (no installation), open source. It is an almost perfect text/password encrypter to have in your flash drive. The low level of activity has had some people ask if this was a dead project. It is not, as shown by the recent version 1.0.5. But then, when a program is good, and does what it is meant to, do not expect monthly updates...