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  • Wonderful concept, but like a few other reviewers all versions of LockNote that I've tried, including 1.0.5, fail to save your text at least half the time when you close the app. In fact, if you manually Save As and write to a new file, LockNote will ask for a password and create an empty copy of itself. When you close, it will ask if you want to save your changes, even if no changes were made, and again ask for a password. Even after entering your password a total of 4 times, you will usually wind up with an empty LockNote. If it opens without asking for a password, you know it didn't save. I've tried LockNote in everything from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 and it has this same problem in each OS. I love the idea of LockNote and carried it everywhere I went for many years, but I recently realized that it is simply too unreliable to trust with important information. I can't imagine why anyone would need encryption for data that *wasn't* important, so unless these issues are resolved, I don't recommend using LockNote. There are numerous apps that will encrypt a text file and yet are portable, so look elsehwere.

  • Used Steganos Locknote for 5 years+ and carry it around on little USB. Surprising so few downloads. Thanks @sourceforge, another winner.

  • I been using Steganos LockNote on a daily basis for a couple years and it never failed to save. However, I seldom I forget to save some minor changes. Hence, it would be great if it had some auto-save&close feature. This would save may changes and prevent access when I forget to close it. Still, I love it because is simple and pratical enough. Thanks Steganos!

  • Locknote has a clean simple design. I would be very useful if not for a fatal bug where it occasionally fails to save changes. There is no error message or any other indication that it has failed. I have had it working perfectly for a long period of time and, for no reason, suddenly stops updating changes. If I use "save as" to create a new file, it will continue to work but will eventually fail again for no apparent reason.

  • I have never had locknote not save data. Doesn't mean it can't happen but I use it often and have not experienced it.

  • Be careful - LockNote silently fails to save data. You can tell by watching the Modified timestamp ... when it fails it doesn't change. I lost critical banking login details. I am using KeePass now, which isn't great for handling text but at least it is reliable.

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  • I like this program. Thanks!

  • Nice and simple.

  • If password is lost means how to remove it !!! Help Me

  • Great tool, small, no install, quick. What I am missing: - Save button when doing bigger changes (only save as is existing) - When copying a password from the Text insider LockNote with a mouse doubleclick on the word one space at the end of the word is included, this is annoying as after pasting the last character has to be deleted. Behaviour: Doubleklick->copy, Klick on destination -> Paste, Backspace to delete the space What I would expect is Doubleklick->copy, Klick on destination -> Paste

  • One file, no installation, open source. I've used it for years.

  • great solution to protect your private notes. Thanks!

  • I never use this software before. Thanks for sharing.

  • Quality, plain and [very] simple, just like all the good ideas. Cheers.

  • Good job, works great, make it for mobile (java)

  • Simple (one file), convenient (data and exe together), portable (no installation), open source. It is an almost perfect text/password encrypter to have in your flash drive. The low level of activity has had some people ask if this was a dead project. It is not, as shown by the recent version 1.0.5. But then, when a program is good, and does what it is meant to, do not expect monthly updates...