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  • The kind of tools that does what it said and not more than it should. No bullshit, low footprint, reliable. Just a must on all my Windows computers.

  • i—love—this—piece—of—software! i've been using it for years now; i work as a DJ and deal with a very large local library that i'm constantly updating weekly: this program was a total godsend when i found it all those moons ago: it's lightning fast--(and beliiiieve me—i've tried alllll the indexing software out there just about). this is, hands down, the best one and it comes with *zero* BS / adware / etc... it's also very customizable, with just about every keyboard shortcut (which i'm huge on) available to be mapped, as well as the ability to create as many separate databases for it as you like, with the option to search using all or some at any given time. simply put---it's just a great little *lightweight* (did i mention that party, by the way? i don't believe it even causes a DENT in system resources)--a shining example of why clean, portable software applications are always going to be the better way to go. give it a go--you won't be sorry.

  • I do not know why all the others are either so complicated, too simple or enormously slow (I know it reads from a static database)! Locate 32 is the best. I have some x64 versions here. Hey - THANKS Janne Huttunen!

  • License FREEWARE!!!

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  • Mandatory Install. I have been using Locate32 since 2004. I was working at a small dev studio at the time writing back-end PHP code, so I needed something to be able to search all those files and the win search could not cut it. Later I transformed to working for a company that was refurbing the computers that rental centers handed out. It was then I started using portable drives and once again Locate32 was the boss. I had no trouble setting up to index multiple 100GB+ drives. I could find ANY file ANY where at ANY time within milliseconds. This program gets used EVERY DAY and so many times I can't count. There are not many programs that I label 'Mandatory Install' but this is one of them. There may not much to the design but I would rather have a program that works than something pretty and does nothing.

  • Simple & Superb & Fast Utility(I think it uses MFT to catalogue databases), How can we define different configuration(i.e. passing arguments like different databases), like One shortcut to find MP3s, another-one for Movies... At last, Please update link for new versions in "About" dialog box. it is dead link. At last this is very useful and fast utility, I use it every day, I have catalogued about my 15TB data and find any file in just few milliseconds or in a second

  • It's a shame you stopped improving it. Greatest search option for windows anyway. Thank you.

  • Nice small tool in Windows. Fast file searching, easy to use.

  • A simple, fast and easy to use must have utility for all windows users.

  • using it for more then 10 years. perfectly similar to 'good old' windows xp search bar, but faster. I really wish it will be an active-project again.

  • probly the quoickest search around :)

  • One of the tools I could not go without on a Windows. BUT: adding locate32 commands to the context menu doesn't work on my machine. Somebody have an idea why? I tried running as Administrator, no success. The options in the preferences / advanced are and remain checked. I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, locate version is 3.1 Build 11.7100. Daniel

  • Absolutely fantastic filesystem database-parsing program.

  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • excellent piece of software. seems much faster than the default windows search for xp. also the support for wildcards and advanced searching options is really useful.

  • I use locate32 sometimes if I have a simple search to do. In that respect it is fast. But, as far as I know, it is not possible to search within the results of a search. That would make it very very useful. Werdelly

  • merci beaucoup

  • I use both: Windows XP and Windows 7. I just wanted to say that it works great, I really like this program. Thank you for the taking the time to create this.

  • Very nice tool that I've used for the last couple of Windows releases. It just works - and quickly! The ability to search for text through the found files is a nice extra.

  • Locate32 is an indispensable tool for every version of Windows.

  • By far the best local file searching tool. Allows regex searching, which by itself is worth the download. Locate32 does everything you need & more. Highly recommend.

  • The best of type that there is!