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  • This tool is amazing. Our organization is using it to push Flash, Reader, Java (32 and 64 bit), and almost anything else that is out there. I'm in the process of writing up documentation for our workcenter, and when I'm finished I plan on putting a sanitized version of it into the wiki. The existing documentation here is OK, but a lot assumes that you are going to be using MSIs. We're using EXEs almost exclusively, to include attaching support files, so I've had to discover many features on my own.

  • Great tool... mto obrigado!

  • This tool is the ONLY one that provides Corporate distribution of Flash and Java efficiently. It was more than one year that I was searching for a so good solution.

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  • This package/service is @*&(^$*&R@(* priceless! We owe you beer/coffee. This makes deployment of third-party and custom packages painless. I very much hope that development continues.

  • localupdatepubl works perfectly, thanks

  • Very nice and helpful tool! At the time you understood how it works, setup is quite simple.

  • Nice and simple.

  • I was looking for a way to patch those stupid java & adobe apps then found this tool. It was a tad hard to get it to publish to the wsus server but the error was common enough that i was able to find others that had been through the same issues. No need for SCCM just use this tool and get the job done.

  • Great tool, thanks

  • Local Update Publisher is an excellent free add-on for Windows Software Update Services. Any admin that uses WSUS should use LUP as well. I've successfully used it to roll the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Adobe Flash plug-in. The only difficulty I had getting it set up, was the code signing certificate. We use an internal certificate authority server, and I found a blog post online showing how to generate the correct type of certificate, and then deploy the cert to all our computers with Group Policy. Once you get past that hurdle (or you simply buy a code signing cert online), creating and deploying updates to targeted groups is simple and reliable. I highly recommend this tool.

  • Great program! Has made 3rd party software management much easier. Excellent Work!

  • Amazing alternative to bloatware like SCCM. Works exactly as its supposed to within the realms of WSUS API.

  • Works very well. Thank you!

  • awesome!! found them hidden patches/updates that WSUS could not.

  • excatly does what we need

  • Superior detection rule creation to SCE gives this a definite edge in terms of flexibility. No WSUS administrator should be without this.

  • Much easier to use than SCCM, and with minimal system requirements, but provides the most important capabilities of SCCM to SMBs--and at no cost!

  • Excellent project , Very usefull , i like it!

  • Very nice project. Works like a charm !

  • Great Application that makes You install 3rd party updates with Ease .