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  • LMMS is AMAZING. I love this software! Is so easy and have many features.... Thank you!!!

  • installing on my both laptop Ubuntu and Debian, connecting fine my Yamaha keyboard. as others suggest, midi export would be great feature to develop

  • Here is what I love: - fast workflow to sequence midi, quick access to powerful synths (Zynaddsubfx is a must for everyone in sound design!) and lots of great native instruments (TB303, Monstro) and soundfonts, VST support, lots of ladspa plugins (like Calf studio), standard automation tools for most parameters, a wondeful (linear) FX chain for creative routing, and more. I find it's midi-learn capabilities are fast and easy: just right click on a parameter, spin your controller wheel and voila, you've got control. - for Linux, LMMS has recently taken a quantum leap by being able to support Carla: a patchbay modular host for lv2 and dssi and linux-vst. This means I can easily use the excellent suite of linux tools like IR.lv2 for reverb, various lv2 instruments, hydrogen multisampled drumkits (via DRMR.lv2), cabbage/csound plugins for beat-stutter/glitching, and much more. - plus, the community is helpful and active, with a nice place to share your projects.

  • I am having a problem with getting started. I just downloaded the latest version September 9, 2014, and two days with it I still cannot hear anything! I did the settings when I first opened it, according to the tutorial that tells how. My output is not making it to my headphones or to my speakers, so I cannot hear what anything I do sounds like! I am not having this problem with any other audio software. If I cannot get this one working to my satisfaction, I will be removing it and finding another to replace it. I've asked for help with this at several sites where this application is discussed, and no one seems to know how to fix the problem. Sorry, but for now my rating is not worth giving!

  • I got tired of my old DAW, so I did a web search and noticed that LMMS is now Windows friendly. Wow! I really dig this program. I'm just learning it but so far, it seems great and is a lot of fun. There are things I'd like to see developed in the future (like enabling a sequence of external VSTi, and external VSTi allowed as FX). But being a total freebie, who am I to complain? Right now my only beef is that "undo" (control z) doesn't seem to be working with Win 7 64. Other than that... a big THANK YOU to the developer!

  • I love music+lmms

  • With Win 7 Home Premium and LMMS 1.0.0. I have a fantastic, stable DAW at my disposal with loads of built-in features and the ability so use additional freeware/ shareware or payware plug-ins. Look no further, with LMMS you'll be able to go a very, very long way before you'll need to pay for anything! It's simply great and second to none in the opensource world.

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  • Cakewalk pales in comparison to lmms.

  • I *rarely* ever write reviews for *anything*, but I was so blown away by LMMS 1.0.0 that I simply had to put in a good word for the software (and the awesome devs!) - Previously, I could not load large soundfonts or the program would hang and/or crash. Now, at long last, I can load my beloved sf2 version of the gorgeous Maestro Concert Grand Piano, which weighs in around 900mb. - I'm in love with the new automation progression methods. 'Nuff said. - LMMS handles VST effects much better. - Overall (and I'm not trying to generalize, this is genuinely awesome) LMMS is much more stable in ALL regards. - New built-in plugins! Technically, I would give LMMS something like 5.9 stars because there are some usability features I would like to see added, but, coming from 0.4.15, 1.0.0 is 'one giant leap for LMMS' Awesome work!

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  • Whereas the previous versions had some nasty bugs and crashes, the new 1.0.0 version works very well. LMMS is packed full of handy features and options, allowing you to unleash your musical creativity with ease. Spend some time learning the basics and you'll enjoy making music with this program. The default grey-ish interface skin is ok, but I'm waiting for better skins to be available. Another good thing is that LMMS works on Linux as well as Windows, and has both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. I'm looking forward to see further improvements, like additional skins, import/export options, external plugin supports, and so on.

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  • The all-in-one (no need for Jack stuff on Linux) Swiss army knife to make professional music from MIDI and other sounds. Simply the best!

  • Reviewing 1.0.96: Sonic Visualiser show even in Vesa's latest Build, that indeed there is noise: Watching the waveform of a sidechained signal there are points where LMMS' 'sidechaining' (but not only sidechaining is affected!) can be recognized as a reduction of the output value between 2 Samples (!!!), which means: As soon as LMMS realize a too high signal, it reduces the 'gain' in one huge step (usually in the highest point of a half-cycle -!!!-), causing loud clicking noises always in such situtions. Instead of a smooth volume reduction (means: smoothing the steps or at least waiting for the next zero-crossing to reduce the following half-cycle), there are more or less of such volume level 'steps'. That means, that even when I reduce attack, the noise only becomes 'quieter', because instead of one huge step LMMS creates smaller steps in every period of a waveform, but the same type of sharp steps. This is obviously a problem, which comes from an incorrect calculation of automated values or perhaps the timing. But I claim LMMS to be responsible for this behavior (and for sure NOT the OS, even though I refuse to trust in Windows..), because... only LMMS changes volume levels in such situations and only LMMS is able to know the maximum level during a half-cycle. At the same time it came to my attention, that for sure nobody ever watched LMMS's produced output curve to track this noise, what in my eyes is REALLY poor! That's why I hereby reduce my rating for LMMS significantly!

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  • Impossible to work with, sorry.

  • I love LMMS. I've been using it for a while now. Currently, there are still some bugs, but the community has really come alive and started to get things ironed out. If you're willing to spend some time with it, then you can really make some great music. The community is great. You can get plugged in on Facebook or SoundCloud really fast and get helpful feedback from others. It's awesome. You gotta try it! :-) - Red Ambassador

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  • Hard at first, but when you've learnt the basics and have good ideas, it's fantastic! I've been using LMMS for 2 years now and I only can say: the BEST free DAW you can get!

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  • LMMS is powerful for what it is - a free software developed as a hobby. One can not simply compare LMMS to commercial grade DAWs because it is completely free. Also, I might add that while others here have stated bugs, those bugs are also not persistent across OS's and PC builds. I use x64 Win7 and have never had any problems with it at all, aside from Vestige and Zyn not recording midi in 4.15.

  • Powerful but not amazingly intuitive. Also no MIDI export!? To start, watch a video tutorial then, after getting the basics, check-out the keyboard shortcuts wiki to speed up use! (It really needs to highlight these accelerator keys in tooltips!) No URLs allowed here but keyboard shortcuts wiki for version 0.4 is under "0.4:Key_Mappings". HTH!

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  • nice software look as fl studio :)

  • Just as cccnycwood stated, there are bugs that makes 4.15 unusable for some (maybe all) users. For me the most major concern among then is that after saving a project, Vestige will stop working when coming back to the project at a later date. It makes the whole project unusable unless the user decides to copy and paste everything to a new project. Otherwise, if you don't intend to save your work with VST's I suppose it's good.

  • DON'T UPGRADE TO 0.4.15! DOWNLOAD LMMS 0.4.13 INSTEAD!!!!! Serious bugs exist with the new system, such as, playing MIDI through ZYNSUBFX and VSTge.(Midi record function totally not functional) No longer supports independent VST preset saving(Freezing upon loading the presets). Problems with previously supported VST's not functioning(Freezing/Non-Responsive/FX unresponsive). Mod Wheel and assignable MIDI controllers non-functioning(Includes the all mighty "Low Pass Cutoff", freezes when external controllers are assigned). LMMS freezing problems while loading VST's. New version crashes Windows 7 when running multiple MIDI keyboards and controllers. Also keeps resetting all of my VST controls (NubiLE, Ichiro Toda Synth, Agressor Synth, etc.) every time I re-open a project. Sustain Pedal no longer working with ZYNSUBFX or VSTge. Indicator lights not functioning. I've installed both 32 and 64 versions of LMMS but neither work. I actually did a factory setting restore to my computer because I thought the problem was on my end. Not true. Don't waste your time. Download LMMS 0.4.13 instead. Much better functionality and is much friendlier to the more massive VST's. SERIOUS LETDOWN!

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  • Lmms works wonderful.

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  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best.Good,good,good.+1

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  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • Thanks for so usefull software.

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