A Stock tracking application. IF YOU HAVE AN OLD SAVE.SAV SAVE YOUR INFORMATION AND DELETE IT. IT WILL NOT WORK WITH 1.7. You can track as many symbols as you have monitor space for. Displays Current trading price (+/- from open, +/- % from open), today's high, today's low, yesterday's close, and volume in an easy to read, size adjustable format.You can input the number of shares you own and the price you bought them at and it calculates your current gain/loss in real time. You can set Alerts, a lower alert to warn you it's dropping in price and an upper alert to let you know it hit your selling point. A sound will play when this occurs and there will be a popup as well. Clicking on the symbol name will launch the web browser of your choice ( Internet explorer [default], Firefox, Chrome, or Opera ) It saves all of this information between sessions so the next time you launch it you can hop right back into the action. We do not keep track of what you use this application for whatsoever


  • - Looks up your symbol on the Nasdaq site (www.nasdaq.com)
  • - Updates every 5 seconds
  • - Displays a variety of information about your symbol ( Symbol name, current price, +/- amount, +/- %, today's high, today's low, the previous close, and volume. )
  • - Has input fields for keeping track of # of shares you own and the amount you paid per share, uses this to calculate, in real time, what your current gains and losses are.
  • - Can support as many windows as you have RAM for (virtually)
  • - Can increase/decrease font size (automatically resizes window) **NOW APPLIES TO EVERY WINDOW SIMULTANEOUSLY**
  • - Symbol name is a link to the nasdaq site for that symbol that has charts and more information. It will launch the browser of your choice (default is internet explorer).
  • - Searches for default install locations for the following major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera (Sorry no Safari support)
  • - Has up to 2 alerts per symbol (one upper and one lower)
  • - Alerts play sounds and display a popup when they have been reached
  • - Easily change what symbol is being tracked by pressing the wrench
  • - File > exit program saves the location and all input fields for next time
  • - Saves font sizes through sessions
  • - Saves Alerts through sessions
  • - Saves all information if computer is shut down without going to File > Exit Program

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