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V1.0- 8/18/11 3 AM. Official release; 25 items, 4 function, and an end function: All - Prints all list items out, individually. Random item - Prints out one random item. Specific item - prints out an item specified by the user (Numeric value input) Search- Allows the user to search for a specific word or phrase within the list of items end - ends the program! V1.1- 8/21/11 Midnight Official 3 month anniversary release; 30 items, 5 functions,and an end function ---- Hidden function added for anniversary. V1.1R1- CURRENT- 8/26/11 Fixed bug about not being able to access [24-30); Fixed bug of sometimes being unable to exit program without system logout/restart. Fixed bug about cancel/end not doing the same thing, they do now.
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