A Java application that can fix/repair playlists by searching a media library for lost, missing, & renamed files. Supports absolute & relative references, UTF-8, UNC paths, and URLs. Removes duplicates, sorts and randomizes lists, and much more!


  • Fixes and repairs broken playlists, one at a time or in batch
  • Finds files that were moved or renamed
  • UTF-8, UNC, and URL support
  • General playlist manipulation
  • Launches your native audio playback application
  • Batch Repair Winamp Media Library Playlists
  • M3U/M3U8/PLS/WPL support

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Editors, Sound/Audio

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User Reviews

  • It has its limitations but it has saved me a lot of time moving my library across between different OSes.

  • Very good tool, it does things that media players can't do. It's only missing support for .mbp files for MusicBee.

  • More than fantastic.

  • this is AWESOME !!! i had to reorganise my music library (use lms server and roon and foobar to convert for lossy/portable devices). had quite a lot of playlists and this worked flawlessly !!! the only ';missing feature' is support for .DSF extension (would be cool if extensions were configurable).!! Thank you !!!

  • It doesn't seem to work for large playlists (over 400 entries?) It finds matches for the missing files, but is unable to save a playlist file with the changed locations. That's a deal-killer for me. Don't make the mistake of selecting a large number of files and then selecting "Replace Entries" in the vain hope of changing the folder name for those files manually. You will have to hit cancel hundreds of times or terminate listFix from Task Manager. UPDATE: I found the problem, and it isn't the size of the playlist. The problem is that listFix apparently doesn't update its internal list of the contents of the "media directories" when it is started. If it is possible that the contents of any of these folders changed since listFix was last run (always, in my case), you need to click the "Refresh" button. It would prevent much confusion if listFix did this automatically on startup.

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Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop

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Java Swing