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  • It seems good with one huge caveat I can't get my tablet to showw the linux desktop except in portrait mode, it needs landscape!

  • I could not figure out how to extract 2.1 gigabyte from a 150 mb file.

  • .Bonjour! Ne fonctionne pas sur mini S4 root; j'ai essayé 20 fois d'installer différentes versions ,android vnc ne se lance pas. Bye!

  • Hello guys please help me installing kali Linux on my android. I have already downloaded the file from above but how am I supposed to run Linux on my phone. Hellp

  • I completely agree with darkmath24! I gave the worst marks not because I tried it or I don't like the idea but because it uses the review for unethical advertising.

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  • Aurey 2 Zach, congrats dude on this, got my first distro running using this app, which was Debian. I've decided to try and help you out by creating added features to your 14.04 lts ubuntu core img. It can be found here http: //

  • Hi

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks for so usefull software.

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  • Good idea!

  • Very useful. Thanks.

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  • very good project, thanks!

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  • I got a little trouble! i setup linux-on-android on my HTC mobile phone as directives listed. Then, i use realvnc viewer from my laptop to connect this linux vnc server, and it works! The vnc viewer works on laptop just like a virtual machine, cool. i unfortunately locked out, and it need password to login. i tried "ubuntu", but it did not work. I know that vnc password is "ubuntu", who can tell me what is the password for linux user ubuntu? please help me for giving me some information to

  • One of the very best open source software. With very advance features.

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  • Great work.

  • I'm the biggest Linux fan! This app is awesome. If you like Linux then you definitely need to try this Linux on android app. It will make your life easier)

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  • good software, thanks

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  • Great thing for mobile!

  • This program, I just was not enough. Now I combine your smartphone Android and favorite Linux software

  • Thank you very much soft.

  • linuxonandroid is great!!!

  • ok

  • im a linux fan and Linux-on-android is what i need for some particular needs

  • Easy to use and works.

  • Man what an idea for a project. Definitely thumbs up!

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