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Important: From version 1.2.5-rc1 qt5 is used!!! To build linpsk, untar the tar archiv and switch to the linpsk directory. run: mkdir -p build cd build qmake -o Makefile ../linpsk.pro make The executable linpsk is build in the build directory. make install will install the binary into usr/local/bin and the desktop file into /usr/share/pixmaps/ and the icon file into /usr/share/pixmaps/ . LinPSK uses the alsa sound system. You can use valid alsa devices like plughw:1 in the settings dialog Also using the card name is possible. In this case LinPSK searches the cardnumber and opens plughw:[cardnumber] If you prefer to use LinPSK_Record and LinPSK_Play as in previous versions edit the file asoundrc in the linpsk directory appropriately and append it to .asoundrc in your homedirectory. If no .asoundrc exists copy the edited asoundrc to .asoundrc in your homedirectory instead of appending.
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