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Release * Increase version number to avoid confusion between this official release and previous CVS snapshots Release * Add value "0" = auto for 20.102 HeatingMode (as defined in the Datapoint Types) (stefdude) * Add usage count on objects to prevent removal of objects in use * Fix crash in case of invalid group address * Better error message when linknx server initialization fails * Output LUA scripts and e-mail body text as CDATA sections for better readability * Add an optional "description" attribute to rule definitions * Add action "set-rule-active" to enable or disable a given rule * Add "threshold" condition to detect threshold crossing for numeric objects. * Add xml request to execute actions (<execute><action .../><action .../></execute>) * Change linknx.xml file to an almost empty config. Sample config is now in sample.xml * Add xml request for sunrise/sunset/noon time and for exception days (<read><calendar month="9" day="30" /></read>) * Add action "start-actionlist" to force execution of the complete actionlist from a given rule * Add possibility to force execution of an actionlist on xml interface * Read version string and optional feature set on xml interface * Add "from" attribute for SMS gateway (Sender ID). * Add precision setting (rounding of value) for objects with floating point value. * Add locking to protect LUA scripting engine (stefdude) * DimUpAction: take into account the stop-limit inclusive (stefdude) * Allow DimUpAction for object types 5.001 and 5.003 (stefdude) * Add formula action ( compute a value based on formula a*x^m+b*y^n+c ) * Allow to clear list of exception days using XML interface * Add support for baud rate 200, 300, 600, 1200 and 230400 for serial io-port * Disable signed 64 bit objects if STL streams doesn't support it (uclibc++) * Restrict DPT 16.000 to ASCII codes 0 to 127 and add DPT 16.001 with range 0 to 255 Release * Add conditional actions (skip executions of a group of actions based on a given condition) * Do not execute stateless rules at init (problem with object conditions because EIBD connection not yet established) * Avoid use of tmpfile() function in XML parser (not supported on FritzBox) * Allow to insert object values in some actions (shell, e-mail, SMS, io-port, set-string) * Add condition to compare 2 objects (requires complete refactoring of Object and ObjectValue classes) * Fix for exportXML with Object-Conditions without value (michael111) * Add "toggle-value" action that will toggle value of a switching object * Allow millisecond delays in actions * Add "repeat" action that repeats a list of actions periodically a specified number of times * Add "cancel" action to cancel all ongoing actions of a rule * Add "send-read-request" action that will force sending of a read request on the bus * Add attribute read="true" for listener address which is used to send read request on the bus * Initial schedule for timers with at and *during* fixed (michael111) * Support for serial IO port * Support for variable length string objects (DPT 28.001) * Allow multiple messages in receive buffer (Mike Pieper) * Add command to Register/Unregister all objects for notification (Mike Pieper) * Better command-line parameter error reporting (Mike Pieper) * Fixes the XML for a notification message (Mike Pieper) * Avoid linknx crash in case of mysql error * Time-counter bugfix and 0-threshold support (Auto-Mate) * Fix bug on x64 due to size_t != unsigned int * Add command to query rules/timers status * Add support for DPT (signed 64bit value) * Fix TimeCounter condition not removed from timer queue when rescheduled Release * Fix compiler warnings * Fix crash on some ARM architecture due to wrong static member initialization order * Allow XML client to register for object change notifications * improved mysql support (some error logging + persistent) by stefdude (at) * add LUA function to check for exception days * Add support for stateless objects and rules * Fix bug with "lte" comparison operator Release * Added LUA scripting support * Added io port for UDP datagram transmission * Improve the logging capabilities * Fix sunrise/sunset compilation issues on platforms without tm_gmtoff * Add warning message if libesmtp is compiled with pthread support * Fix bug in blinds object Release 2008-07-30 J-F Meessen * Add XML command to save current config to a file 2008-07-20 J-F Meessen * Add new KNX data-types (8, 16 and 32 bit signed/unsigned int and IEEE754 32 bit float) * Add time-counter condition 2008-07-05 J-F Meessen * Improve delay configuration (allow d, h or m at end for days, hours or minutes) * Improve version information * Fix EIS4 datatype (11.001 - date) year encoding not compliant 2008-06-25 J-F Meessen * Add Sunrise/Sunset/Noon timespec 2008-05-23 J-F Meessen * Catch invalid values in copyValueAction Release 2008-03-09 J-F Meessen * Fix comparison problems with dimming values "up" coming from bus * Add "copy-value" action 2008-02-21 J-F Meessen * Avoid 1 second wait time when reading group objects that doesn't reply on the bus Release 2008-01-31 J-F Meessen * Fix 40ms delay when performing successive XML requests * Forbid slashes in object ID's * Add XML command to read all/multiple objects * Fix bug in setvalue and compare for time/date value set to "now" 2008-01-14 J-F Meessen * Fix compile error when libesmtp not installed 2008-01-10 J-F Meessen * Add mysql support for persistence 2007-12-24 J-F Meessen * Fix xml export of object-src action Release 2007-12-11 J-F Meessen * Add logging capabilities per communication object * Add support for SMTP auth to support mail servers requiring authentication * Fix segfault when no -w param on command line 2007-12-04 J-F Meessen * Add workaround for eof flag bug in uClibc++ v0.2.2 Release 2007-12-03 J-F Meessen * Move config and persistence files to FHS compliant locations * Allow user to tell if/where the config is written when linknx is stopped 2007-12-02 J-F Meessen * Added linknx.spec file to be able to build rpm with command "rpmbuild -ta" 2007-11-23 J-F Meessen * Allow comparisons (<, >, >=, <=, <>, ==) for conditions on object values Release 2007-11-17 J-F Meessen * Add "stop condition" allowing to interrupt cycleOnOffAction 2007-11-15 Matthias Friedrich & J-F Meessen * Add 14 character String object EIS15 2007-11-15 J-F Meessen * Add implementation for FilePersitentStorage 2007-11-12 J-F Meessen * Add ETS-like flags for communication objects Release 2007-11-07 J-F Meessen * Allow to configure listener group adresses for objects Release 2007-10-22 J-F Meessen * Added Unit Test framework 2007-10-20 J-F Meessen * Add condition "object-src" evaluating true only if source of last received state matches specified 2007-10-18 J-F Meessen * Add support for timers driven by date/time objects (EIS3/EIS4) Release 2007-10-10 J-F Meessen * Use formatted values in XmlServer instead of float Release 2007-10-07 J-F Meessen * Add ShellCommandAction to be able to execute any shell command 2007-10-03 J-F Meessen * Add SendEmailAction to be able to send mails * Code reformatting with Astyle to fix tab/space mixing (rule: no tabs; 4 spaces by indent) Release 2007-10-01 J-F Meessen * Complete refactoring of group-object value and type system Release 2007-09-29 J-F Meessen * Make KnxConnection more robust (retry every 60 sec if connection failed) 2007-09-27 J-F Meessen * Allow startup without config file specified * Allow config files with some of the sections missing (rules, objects, services) * Added support for EIS3 (Time) and EIS4 (date) * Added support for modify/delete of objects, rules or services via xml commands * Added <every> element in timer condition to support for periodic events (e.g. every 15 seconds) 2007-09-27 J-F Meessen * Allow startup without config file specified * Allow config files with some of the sections missing (rules, objects, services) Release 2007-09-23 J-F Meessen * Add notification when instantaneous PeriodicTask's value is going back to false 2007-09-22 Cyrille Demaret * Forcewrite flag * DimmingObject 2007-09-17 J-F Meessen * Fix read operation multi-threading problem 2007-09-17 J-F Meessen & Cyrille Demaret * Fix EIS5 floating point numbers conversion issues 2007-09-10 J-F Meessen * Fix start/stop/duration in DimupAction * Allow increasing and decreasing intensity in DimupAction Release ???
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