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  • checks links fine, but it needs teh option to not recurse into other domains, if you have a site that links to a different site which is full of links it is easy to get up to several thousand links ans crash the program

  • Excellent program. Works extremely well. Thank you.

  • This is very helpful for checking links. One suggestion. Add a command line option to stay within the current domain, and NOT check links to any other domains. Or simply add an example of how to use the --ignore-url option to accomplish the same thing.

  • This is great but it needs multiple proxy support! Can anyone please do this? I'm willing to pay/donate for it.

  • I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Link Checker is neither "great", nor "fantastic". Issue 1 It keeps "warning" about tiny differences like h t t p ://w w w.o u r s i t vs h t t p://o u r s i t e .com, even when there are no h t t p://o u r s i t links anywhere in our web site. Issue 2 It keeps "warning" about being unable to check out Adsense scripts, because our robots.txt file supposedly restricts it, even when our robots.t x t file is blank. Issue 3 It keeps "warning" about being unable to check out Google custom search scripts, because our robots.t x t file allegedly poses restrictions, even when our robots.t x t file is blank. Issue 4 It keeps ignoring ALL broken links if they're in the form of "h t t p://w w w. o u r s i t t m l#apple". Issue 5 It keeps ignoring ALL broken links, if they're in the form of <option value="h t t p://w w w.o u r s i t t m l">This is one link</option> The price is certainly right. And, at this price, the Link Checker is not a bad product. However, it gives you a FALSE sense of security you do not need.

  • Fantastic product, compare to expensive alternative. I which to have a little bit more infos how to work this on Mac. I went with the windows exe (I use Parallels anyway)

  • Easy for use.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Good and useful software

  • could anyone provide step by step installation procedure in linux.

  • Great tool and the price is right. I apparently cannot get the configuration file to work. I have set it for x number of seconds and it continues to run past this length of time. The only thing I know to do is to watch the clock and stop it manually after a certain period of time. Any ides on how to overcome this issue?

  • Superb Application for the Web testing of Site, Good for the Developers

  • Frozen on link for 30 mins. Indication of current link being scanned would be nice.

  • Great app.

  • Really powerful and practical software.

  • Great software. Very easy to use

  • Great tool - I use it every day!

  • And, it is free for us to use.

  • High efficiency is what want i want:)

  • but gui needs a design refresh.

  • very helpful tool, it made it really easy to me to find some problems on my site. thanks for ur work

  • LinkChecker has evolved from a solid, but slightly quirky command line tool to a fantastic tool with a GUI that runs nicely on Windows and OSX. All web developers should use this program - it finds *lots* of problems with your site. Nice work!

  • very good project

  • Best tool found for this purpose.

  • Simple and quick

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