Lights Up! is a Windows application for controlling theater lighting during the performance of plays or musicals.
Lights Up! v1.2 supports the Enttec Open DMX USB interface.


  • Support for the Enttec Open DMX USB Interface
  • Easy to learn tool that's perfect for small theater productions

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User Reviews

  • I'm a lighting designer for a small theater in NJ. We've finally switched over to DMX and found this program when buying the Entec dongle. It's just what we were looking for in terms of simplicity and function. If anyone has written any updates to the program, please contact me as I'd sure love to have any new functions you may provide! Thanks very much!

  • This is the best first introduction to PC control of stage lighting for the small theatre that I have found. Its the sort of porogram I've been trying, for years, to find the time to write myself. Thank you Terry for saving me hours of time. It does just what is needed without being too complicated.

  • Good work:)

  • Great little program - actually does what it says with the ENTTEC Open DMX USB dongle. I've come here after hours of trying with more complex programs! Simple to set up, learn and use, but actually it is a much more powerful application than it initially appears, now I have had time to work with it. I've written some new instructions for it if anyone is interested.

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