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LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient are cross-platform C libraries that allow you to easily implement VNC server or client functionality in your program.

New in the 0.9.13 x11vnc release:

	Improved support for non-X11 touchscreen devices (e.g. handheld or
		cell phone) via Linux uinput input injection.  Additional
		tuning parameters are added. TSLIB touchscreen calibration
		is supported. Tested on Qtmoko Neo Freerunner.

		A tool, misc/, is provided to diagnose uinput
		behavior on new devices.

		are available if leaving them unset does not work.

	The Linux uinput non-X11 input injection can now be bypassed:
		events can be directly written to the /dev/input/event
		devices specified by the user (direct_abs=..., etc.)

		A -pipeinput input injection helper script,
		misc/ is provided as a tweakable
		non-builtin direct input injection method.

	The list of new uinput parameters for the above two features is:
		pressure, tslib_cal, touch_always, dragskip, btn_touch;
		direct_rel, direct_abs, direct_btn, direct_key.

	The MacOSX native server can now use OpenGL for the screen
		capture (glReadPixels().)  In nearly all cases this is
		faster than the raw framebuffer capture method.  Sadly,
		it appears that MacOSX 10.7 (Lion) has broken or removed
		OpenGL screen capture support.  Set X11VNC_DEBUG_OPENGL=n
		to print out more debugging info.

		There are build and run time flags,
		X11VNC_MACOSX_NO_DEPRECATED, etc. to disable use of
		deprecated input injection and screen access interfaces.
		Cursor shape now works for 64bit binaries.

	The -unixsock and -unixsockonly options enable listening on a
		unix socket instead of TCP.  This can enable interesting
		tunnelling modes.  X11VNC_INETD_NO_DUP=1 to avoid
		duping stdin.

	The -inetd option can now work directly with raw stdio as long
		as the file descriptor is opened O_RDWR; if it is not
		then x11vnc's internal helper '-enc none' is used. 
		One can specify X11VNC_NO_SET_ENC=1 to disable.

	The libvncserver bundled with x11vnc can now handle non AF_INET
		sockets passed to it, and even non socket file descriptors
		in some cases.

	The included SSL enabled Java VNC Viewer now handles Mouse
		Wheel events.

  miscellaneous new features and changes:

	In -reflect mode, the libvncclient connection can now have
		the pixel format modified via the environment
		variables X11VNC_REFLECT_bitsPerSample,
		X11VNC_REFLECT_samplesPerPixel, and

	In -reflect mode, allow -reflect listennofork:port to not do
		client fork when listening (if available.)  Same as

	In -create mode the following environment variables are added
		to fine tune the behavior: FIND_DISPLAY_NO_LSOF:
		do not use lsof(1) to try to determine the Linux VT,
		FIND_DISPLAY_NO_VT_FIND: do not try to determine the
		Linux VT at all, X11VNC_CREATE_LC_ALL_C_OK: do not bother
		undoing the setting LC_ALL=C that the create_display
		script sets.  The performance of the -create script
		has been improved for large installations (100's of
		user sessions on one machine.)

	The -tag option allows you to put an arbitrary string on the
		x11vnc command line, perhaps to identify it later via
		ps(1) or pgrep(1).

	In -unixpw mode, one can now Tab from login: to Password.

	An environment variable, X11VNC_SB_FACTOR, allows one to scale
		the -sb screenblank sleep time from the default 2 secs.

	In -rawfb mode, a bug is fixed in setting the number of bits
		per pixel.

	Documented that -grabkbd is no longer working with some/most
		window managers (it can prevent resizing and menu posting.)

	The macosx deprecated interface GetMainDevice() call is removed.
		Compile with -DX11VNC_MACOSX_USE_GETMAINDEVICE if needed
		for an old macosx version...

	-unixpw check mode '%stdin2' for two line user than passwd.

	Fix race condition in tkx11vnc gui where the comm file may be
		deleted before tail opens it.  TKX11VNC_SHOW_LSOF=1 for
		open file info.  Clear some query cases.

	Fix bug with pointer position when -clip and -scale are both

	Fix bug with mouse cursor shape in -reflect mode on 64-bit
		machines. X11VNC_DEBUG_REFLECT=1 env. var.  Do not use
		CopyRect in -reflect mode with -clip active.

	Fix bug that send CopyRect updates to non-CopyRect clients such
		as VNC2Go.  Also correct copyrect events for clients
		that support copyrect but ask for partial screen updates.

	For testing and workaround with non-Copyrect clients like
		old VNC2Go set X11VNC_SKIP_cursor_noshape_updates_clients=1

	For -allow modes set X11VNC_DEBUG_ACCESS=1 and also
		X11VNC_ALLOW_FULLMATCH=1.  Unix sockets can also be
		filtered via -allow.

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