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  • Its look like a good idea, but I have a problem with using it... I cant read the data from the device I have this problem : Because "URLs in reviews are prohibited." I cut its like to paths... https :// stackoverflow. com/ questions/ 47863874/ usblibdotnettest-example-does-not-work-for-me Thanks a lot!!

  • nice

  • Fantastic project. Easy to use; a lot of nice features. I used it myself on this project with great success: Highly recommendable! };-P

  • i can't run some examples

  • Thanks for your good work.

  • I installed the library from this site and copied a simple example code but I could not run it. Visual Studio gives me the error that I have not added LibUsbDotNet namespace. Please help.. my id: SORRY.. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE ELSE TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS LIBRARY

  • This office suite is designed for both the amateur and the professional. Work with some programs a pleasure. Others make a little work. Nevertheless, I was happy with everything

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  • Reliable and runs smoothly

  • Great software! LibUsbDotNet is the easiest way I have found using C# to develop applications that need to access a USB port. I have been using it for over a year with great success.

  • How can i read data continuously without timeout???

  • Works very nicely

  • The project is good, but not enough to support HID devices!

  • Design of the API isn't very consistent and in some places really looking like it have been done by a C developer doing C# for the first time (Exceptions seem a foreign concept in this API) The consequence is that discovering the API either by the documentation or Intellisense is hardly doable. Some coding decisions (like having the last error strign accessible as a static field on the UsbError class) mean that it can't be used at all for serious multi threaded work. All of this is manageable anyway as the examples are helpful to see the little specificities of the API. Also being an open source project that wrap another open source project, you could always hunt for a solution to most problems directly by ack/grep in the source code.

  • Great project! Has been working well in our custom device. Pretty easy to use and set up.

  • Just couldn't be better.

  • The guy developing this is a quick responder, quick fixer and very helpful.

  • Great work. Easy to use, and excellent response to bug reporting.

  • LibUsbDotNet is the easiest way to get your custom USB hardware up-and-running in windows or linux.