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This is a library making it easy to patch applications to send commands to PWMD. There is an included command line client 'pwmc' that reads protocol commands from stdin or in an interactive shell-like mode and sends them to the pwmd server. Read libpwmd(3) or pwmc(1) for all the details. Read doc/tutorial.html for an introduction to pwmd and pwmc usage (recommended). Requirements: C99 compiler - Is a good choice. Required. libassuan - Protocol. Version 2.0.3 or later is required. Version 2.1.0 or later is recommended. libgpg-error - libassuan (and pwmd) return gpg error codes. Required. libreadline - For an interactive shell-like interface to pwmc. Optional. pwmd - Version 3.1beta2 or later. If you want to do remote connections to a pwmd server: libssh2 - Version 1.2.9 or later is required for SSH connections. Optional. gnutls - For remote connections over TLS. Version 3.3.0 or later. Optional. For functions that use a local pinentry and when --disable-pinentry is not passed to configure, then you'll need: pinentry - There are various interfaces for passphrase entry: console/curses, X11/GTK2, X11/QT. The X11 versions also support console/curses. Version 0.7.6 or later is required. GIT Repository -------------- There is a public GIT repository available at Anonymous checkouts can be done by: git clone git:// or from the mirror: git clone The gitweb interface can be viewed at: or Mailing lists ------------- For libpwmd: And for pwmd: Issue tracker: -------------- Please send any bug reports, feature requests or patches to the issue tracker at Gitlab: Ben Kibbey <>
Source: README, updated 2017-08-21